Timeline for Business Modules

Are the business modules geared to certain trimesters/quarters of students?

Anyone can attend the business modules at any time in their academic program. However, there are some that are more suited for students who are in clinic. Likewise, there are some that will give you more benefit if you take them early on. We have put together a suggested timeline. Click on the year that you are in the D.C. program.

YEAR ONE           YEAR TWO           YEAR THREE


Starting into Practice
Networking and Mentorships
StrengthsFinder 2.0  LIVE!


Results Driven Communication
Office Flow: Systems and Processes
Marketing Techniques from the Real World
   or Marketing and Finances
Commercial Real Estate and Business Insurance


Insurance Coding
Insurance Compliance
Hiring & Managing Staff
Evaluating Insurance Contracts
Developing Financing and Business Planning
Vital Aspects of Business Structure and Legal Documents

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