Brunch and Learn is an opportunity to participate in an interactive presentation. Speakers may be new D.C.s, seasoned D.C.s, or business experts from the community.The time is limited to one class period and is usually offered during the Tuesday or Friday break.

Arrive when you can and leave when you must.

Dr. Michael Pavalock - Tuesday, March 24

"Exciting opportunities for the next generation of chiropractors in the federal healthcare system"

9:20-10:05 a.m., Davenport, Iowa, Campus, Room P204

Current Positions: VHA Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs (VHA OCLA), Legislative Specialist, AND Associate Chief of Staff, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Dr. Michael Pavalock (Davenport '02) began his career by enlisting in the military. He served in the US Air force (USAF) and the National Security Administration (NSA) as a member of the Air Force Special Operations Team (AFSOT), which is an elite and specialized intelligence gathering team whose mission continues to be Top Secret Compartmentalized information or "black ops". After ending his active duty, he enrolled at Palmer, and graduated in 2002. He started Pavalock Chiropractic Centre after graduation, and practiced independently before accepting a position with the VA at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where he created a program that trains qualified chiropractors on how to succeed in a VA multidisciplinary setting. He was named the Mississippi 2011 Chiropractor of the Year, and Received Doctor of the Year at the University of Mississippi Medical Center's 2011 Doctors Day.

Now Dr. Pavalock is a USAF Veteran and chiropractor committed to creating improved, sustainable healthcare delivery. His emphasis is on developing effective strategies in the new healthcare landscape. Last November, Dr. Pavalock became the first chiropractor to serve in the Under Secretary for Health's Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs at the VHA, when he was appointed as a Legislative Specialist. As a member of the Under Secretary for Health's team , Dr. Pavalock is involved with day-to-day strategic planning, operations, and health policy implementation at the highest level. He works with Congressional leadership, VA senior leadership, and numerous VHA program offices, including the Office of General Counsel, to build a federal healthcare system that is the best in which to receive care, and the best in which to deliver care.

Dr. Brad Bark - Tuesday, April 7

"Building a Practice from the Ground Up"

9:20-10:05 a.m., Davenport, Iowa, Campus, Room CC 405

Dr. Bark will share his experience of starting a practice immediately after graduation. He will talk about choosing a location, securing financing, designing the build-out, and attracting patients. Dr. Bark is a 2011 graduate of Palmer. His practice is in Muscatine, Iowa.

Marsha Hardacre - Tuesday, April 21

"Selecting Additional Products & Services"

9:20-10:05 a.m., Davenport, Iowa, Campus, Room CC 405

Patient care may include sources other than the delivery of the adjustment. These sources are called ‘adjunct’ products or services. Ms. Hardacre will help you determine which items complement your mission. Discussion will include nutritional supplements, pillows, massage, and products that aid in advertising. Be ahead of the game and learn to critically think when assessing which additional services make sense for your practice. By introducing products that are in line with your chiropractic philosophy, passion, and purpose you’ll allow the practice to express greater positive financial potential.

Dr. Jon Nab - Tuesday, April 28


9:20-10:05 a.m., Davenport, Iowa, Campus, Room CC 405

Dr Nab is the Director of Professional Development at Standard Process. He is a sought-after speaker on the topic of Leadership.

Dr. Lindsey Luke - Tuesday, May 5

"Becoming an Independent Contractor"

9:20-10:05 a.m., Davenport, Iowa, Campus, Room CC 405

Dr. Luke will offer her experience as a new Palmer graduate. She has a checklist of things to do and things to buy as you prepare to become an independent contractor. Part of her talk will focus on the credentialing procedure for insurance companies. Another part will zero in on the requirements of government agencies, both state and federal, for businesses in general as well as the healthcare industry. Avoid the new-graduate panic by learning all you can about your future.

Please Note: Palmer College of Chiropractic does not endorse or recommend any of the products, services or tactics presented at our Vendor Showcase, Brunch and Learn or Business Module events. As with all practice purchases and marketing strategies, we suggest conducting thorough research before determining whether something is right for you and your practice.