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  • View various employment opportunities and practices and equipment for sale.
  • Online job/practice resources provided in the "Resources" section.
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Testimonials for the Palmer CareerNetwork ...

The Palmer Professional Network is an excellent venue for advertising the practices PS Practice Solutions has available for purchase. The staff at the Center for Business Development are extremely friendly and helpful and the on-line posting system is easy to use once you become acquainted with it. The student view counter lets you know how often your ad has been read. I would strongly recommend this site for your chiropractic advertising.
Dr. Patrick Doranski, PS Practice Solutions

“The Palmer CareerNetwork is a valuable resource to connect with chiropractors looking for associate opportunities. Following a recent ad, I was immediately contacted by several doctors. I greatly recommend this service."
Dr. Steven Cane

“In our search to find the perfect doctor for our practice and its mission we stumbled for weeks until posting an ad on the Palmer CareerNetwork. Within 10 days of posting our ad the interview process had ended. Thank you.”
Tim DeCanio, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.

“I have used the Palmer system for some three years, since I began brokering Florida practices. I remember the old system. The new one is superb. And you have a great lady running the show in Marsha Hardacre. She is always helpful. The system is sort of new but it has great features that I enjoy learning. It's head and shoulders above the old system - and making the listings free has increased its effectiveness for everyone. Palmer has more alumni than anyone so the web site gets "hit" by thousands of people. I have made several sales that began when someone found the practice through one of my ads on the Palmer website. It is a great service and I appreciate it greatly. Palmer has moved forward steadily since my graduation in 1960. I was just there last August for my 50th reunion. The growth from the "old days" has been phenomenal. The Palmer Board and leadership has done enormous good for the college, the students and our profession. The Career Network is just one of the many things they have come up with that makes things move!”
John Gantner, D.C., D.A.B.C.O.

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