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Avoid opioids or surgery. Choose chiropractic first.

Bryce Amdur says, "Palmer has provided so much amazing care for pain associated with my back and neck. I've been through a lot of doctors, and never in my whole life have I come across such a remarkable person like my intern. I felt like I had my own personal chiropractor! He made my experience one to remember."  Bryce participated in our Military Care Program, which provides complimentary care to active-duty military personnel and veterans with a 20% disability or greater.

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Chiropractic offers a drug-free, non-invasive treatment for pain. Your chiropractor can help you find relief from:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Car accident injury
  • Repetitive motion injury
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Compressed spine
  • Arthritis
  • And much more . . .

Avoid opioids or surgery. Choose chiropractic as your first line of defense against neck pain, back pain, and chronic injury.

What is chiropractic? How does it work?

During your first visit, you will receive a thorough assessment of your nerves, muscles, bones and joints. That assessment will inform everything we do to relieve your pain and get you moving toward wellness. And don’t worry—if we aren’t able to help you, we’ll connect you with a health-care provider who can. Chiropractic is a type of health care that focuses on the bones, nerves, and muscles of the body.  The word “chiropractic” means “to be done by hand,” and it’s that hands-on approach to health care that defines chiropractic.

Chiropractors use their hands to safely and specifically adjust joints in the spine and other parts of the body. Chiropractic adjustments reduce pain, restore proper nerve function, and improve mobility. In addition to adjustments, chiropractors may also provide soft tissue therapies, lifestyle recommendations, fitness coaching and nutritional advice. Their goal is to improve your health without drugs or surgery. Chiropractors are primary care professionals for spinal health and well-being. This means they are licensed doctors that specialize in the bones, nerves and muscles of the body.

Research shows that chiropractic is safe, effective, affordable care for acute and chronic pain. Many patients also experience better sleep, improved digestion, and fewer mood swings.

Wondering what chiropractic patients say about their experiences? Explore a recent Gallup report on “American’s Perceptions of Chiropractic.”

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