Heather L. Bowyer, DC, CCSP - Florida Campus

Attending the 2012 McMaster University’s “Improving your Practice/Teaching through Evidence Based Clinical Practice (EBCP) Workshop” provided me with an amazing opportunity to grow as an educator and physician. I fully understand the importance of using a patient-centered practice model to educate my students while incorporating evidence based care into the diagnosis and management of my own patients. The difficulty lies in providing EBCP information in a way my students can understand and use it.

Since attending the McMaster workshop, I feel more confident in my ability to assess the research and incorporate it into my practice. I am equally confident about my ability to better communicate the process of EBCP. Currently, I am a part of a group of Florida campus faculty clinicians who are working to provide a more evidence-based approach to clinical practice. This quarter we are providing EBCP information to our students through a combined clinic module meeting held every two weeks throughout the quarter.

Beyond receiving a stronger understanding of teaching evidence based clinical concepts, I am happy to have learned valuable information that I will use, myself, in the clinic. One of the most eye opening experiences from McMaster was the understanding that all physicians experience the same challenges that chiropractors do. I was in a small integrated group comprised of six general internists, an academic pharmacist, a hematologist/coagulationist, a medical librarian and two chiropractors, including myself. After working closely over a five-day period with such an amazing group of physicians, my understanding of health care has evolved. All doctors ultimately have the same goal; to do what’s best for their patients. We all struggle with the same issues relating to EBCP; ordering the appropriate diagnostic tests and providing the best care possible, while providing patients with all of the information available so the patient can make an informed decision. The integration of my group really shed light on my previous misconceptions.

I am extremely excited about the direction of Palmer College. I strongly recommend all faculty members from each of our three campuses attend a training workshop in EBCP principles so we can, in turn, graduate doctors into our profession who have the ability to continue advancing chiropractic.