Kimberly Keene, DC - Florida Campus

Thank you, Palmer, for sending me to McMaster University for the Evidence-Based experience. I was in the teacher training track, and the majority of the other physicians in my group were pediatricians. We were assigned to small groups of 10-12 for the majority of the week, and the exchanges in these groups were very helpful not only in expanding my knowledge of evidence-based concepts, but also in learning a variety of techniques that I am now utilizing with my students in the clinic. (I am a faculty clinician/mentor.) Also, the information and techniques learned at McMaster have supported in the new introductory EBCP class that a group of Florida campus clinicians have developed.

The large group session speakers were top notch experts not only in regards to the content of evidence-based concepts, but specifically at teaching EBCP techniques to others. Learning from Gordon Guyatt, Mark Wilson and Victor Montori was amazing. They are masterful teachers and utilize techniques to get the entire class involved in actively learning. When I returned to the clinic in Florida I was surprised at how much I absorbed and brought back with me from McMaster.

The most unexpected outcome of the workshop was my renewed excitement and enthusiasm for being a teacher and mentor. Simple techniques I learned are improving my experiences with my students and their experience in the clinic. Techniques such as pulling the most important questions out of the students, helping them with the formation of clinical queries, guiding them in searching for answers, and finally sharing their joy when they discover a correct diagnosis or appropriate therapeutic intervention. I look forward to continuing this EBCP journey and sharing what I learn with my students and colleagues.