Katie Hoyt, MOL - Davenport Campus

Please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Katie Hoyt and I’ve worked at Palmer College for nearly 10 years. In February I accepted the position of Research Program Manager in the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research. My position at the Center includes being the program manager of the R25 EBCP grant. I come with a strong marketing and communications background and have many ideas about what we can do together to further EBCP concepts and training initiatives across Palmer’s campuses.

As you know, this newsletter is written by faculty, for faculty and because of this I’m looking into different options to move it to a platform that evokes discussion and information sharing. This issue will most likely be the last EBCP Newsletter in this form, but look for a more interactive format before the beginning of 2013.

It addition to working on the R25 grant, I also serve as the program coordinator for the Master of Science in Clinical Research degree and Research Honors programs. Please contact me with ideas and questions at katie.hoyt@palmer.edu or (563) 884-5198. I look forward to working with such a dedicated group of faculty!