Greg Snow, DC - West Campus

I found the McMaster experience to be a rich and rewarding one. Entering the workshop, I had a superficial understanding of some of the basic EBCP concepts, but little understanding of when and how to apply them. The immersion into EBCP at McMaster proved to be extremely helpful to me in gaining a much better grasp of these concepts. The process by which we learned the concepts, and applied them, through small group settings proved to be very effective. The information was reinforced not just by having the pressure of creating and presenting your own presentation, but by listening to and critiquing others.

Having the mentors there to explain and clarify the material proved valuable as well. I found myself frequently thinking not only about a concept (e.g. the equation for Likelihood Ratios), but the actual concept behind the equation (what went where, and why). At the end of the workshop, I found that my confidence and competence in the evidence based concepts had grown tremendously, and that the experience surrounding this growth was challenging, yet fun and collegial. I feel the workshop was time very well spent and I look forward to sharing the information on this campus to help perpetuate an understanding of EBCP amongst our faculty and interns.