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in memoriam

Davenport Campus


Dr. Delbert Anliker, ’47 Spencer, Iowa

Dr. George Banitch, ’48 Montclair, N.J.

Dr. Doreen Chatwin, ’48 Delta, B.C., Canada


Dr. Lila Erickson Finn, ’51 Hope, Mich.

Dr. David W. Bridgeman, ’54 Oliver, B.C., Canada

Dr. Andrew Mathias, ’56 Pittsburgh, Pa.

Dr. Judson Pitts, ’56 Decatur, Ala.

Dr. Richard Fife, ’58 Marietta, Ga.

Dr. Charles L. Brown, ’59 Alpharetta, Ga.

Dr. James A. Carney, ’59 Delhi, N.Y.

Dr. Mary Ann Chance, ’59 Wagga Wagga, N.S.W., Australia

Dr. Wendall Sage, ’59 Ozark, Mo.


Dr. Gene Fox, ’60 West Milton, Ohio

Dr. Donald Hoffey, ’64 Salem, Ore.

Dr. Edward Stein, ’65 Kent, Wash.


Dr. Patrick Platt, ’72 Auckland, New Zealand

Ms. Julie Kay Powers, C.T., ’73 Georgetown, S.C.

Dr. Robert Barrett, ’78 Rincon, S.C.

Dr. David Bors, ’78 Dalton, Ga.

Dr. Joseph “Larry” Elliott, ’79 LeMars, Iowa


Dr. Kenneth Wilkins, ’83 Cupertino, Calif.


Dr. Robert Kelly, ’92 Orinda, Calif.


Dr. James DeMarr, ’00 Davenport, Iowa

Correction: On the “In Memoriam” page of the Summer 2008 issue of Insights, “Dr.” was missing from the listing for Dr. Sal Gennero. The 1985 Davenport Campus graduate passed away Friday, March 28, 2008, in Milford, Mich. We apologize to Dr. Gennero’s family and friends for this omission.

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