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Dr. Burt

This summer I met a chiropractor who’d graduated from another college who made a special point of visiting the Davenport Campus. “I’m a chiropractor and I’ve never been to Palmer College,” he said. “I’m excited to be able to do this.”

His comments illustrate how fortunate we are to have earned our degrees from Palmer College. Our alma mater has a special legacy that began with D.D. Palmer and continues today through the vision of Vickie Palmer.

On Aug. 7, Vickie was recognized for her 21 years as chairman of the Palmer Board of Trustees during Palmer Homecoming on the Davenport Campus. The occasion gave all of us a time to reflect on the many accomplishments that have taken place under her leadership, especially the College’s growth from one to three campuses.

That same day, another noteworthy event took place. The 22 men and women of the College’s new Alumni Advisory Group were announced. This team represents the entire spectrum of Palmer alumni—from recent graduates to established practitioners. To learn more about the group and what it will be doing for graduates like you, turn to the next page.

History was also made this year at Palmer Homecoming on the West Campus. It was there that the Alumni Office introduced the Palmer Student Alumni Foundation program to our campus in San Jose. Originally established on the Davenport Campus, the foundation helps students become successful alumni. Plans are to bring the program to the Florida Campus at Palmer Homecoming next February.

I am also pleased to welcome Bill Moreau, D.C., to his new role as vice chancellor of Institutional Advancement. By overseeing Alumni, Development and Continuing Education, Dr. Moreau plays a vital role in coordinating the efforts of each of these departments to move this College, and the chiropractic profession, forward.

One area in which chiropractic has been making inroads lately is in the health care of the men and women who are serving or have served in the U.S. military. This is a significant development for our profession because chiropractors are now viewed by the military the same way as other healthcare specialists.

In this issue’s cover story, you’ll learn how the work of Palmer graduates such as Bill Morgan, D.C., and Anthony Lisi, D.C., are paving the way for other D.C.s to provide chiropractic to a group that has given unselfishly to protect the rights and lives of others. And that’s a legacy that all chiropractors, regardless of where they earned their degree, can be happy to share.

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