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Summer 2006

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West student finds meaning in involvement and mentoring

Jillian Hansen
Jillian Hansen

For 12th quarter West campus student Jillian Hansen, getting her chiropractic education is the fulfillment of two long-time dreams. The Ottosen, Iowa, native had known she wanted to be a chiropractor since a visit to her father’s D.C. in sixth grade, and she had always wanted to live in California.

Soon after starting on the West campus, she became involved in several student organizations and clubs, including serving as secretary of the Associated Student Government, as well as participating in Sports Council and the Activator and Applied Kinesiology clubs.

In her second quarter she started a workstudy position in the Student Affairs Department. One of the things she likes best about working there and with the Admissions Department is the people, including the students who have just arrived on campus.

“It’s gratifying to be someone that the new students go to for help in getting settled at Palmer and in San Jose,” said Hansen. “I’ve been involved in the mentor match program here, too, where senior students are matched with new students to help them get acclimated to the College and the community.”

Her clinic experience has been a highlight of her time at Palmer’s West campus. “Being in the clinic setting and treating patients has been the best part of my education,” she said. “I’m more excited every day and am so thrilled about the profession I've chosen.”

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