Blueprints for success

Blueprints for success

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Summer 2006


Kudos to Adopt-A-Class doctors

The Professional Opportunities area of the Alumni Office on the Davenport campus extends heart-felt thanks to the following Palmer alumni who have volunteered to serve as Adopt-A-Class Doctors. These D.C.s speak to members of their adopted classes on a regular basis and serve as resources for them as they go through the Palmer program and make post-graduation plans. If you’re interested in this rewarding volunteer opportunity, please contact Lois Petersen in Professional Opportunities at (800) 722-2586, Ext. 3, or

  • Vanessa Anderson, D.C., ’90, Moline, Ill., 1st Trimester (Class of 092)
  • Jason Rannfeldt, D.C., ’98, Davenport, Iowa, 1st Trimester (092)
  • Andy Mowry, D.C., ’91, Powell, Ohio, 2nd Trimester (091)
  • Brian Wussow, D.C., ’91, Middleton, Wis., 2nd Trimester (091)
  • Kari L. Swain, D.C., ’95, Altoona, Iowa, 3rd Trimester (083)
  • Donald Schwenker, D.C., ’03, Maquoketa, Iowa, 3rd Trimester (083)
  • Thomas J. Thompson, D.C., ’95, Monroe, Wis., 3rd Trimester (083)
  • Gary W. Schaaf, D.C., ’91, Attica, Ohio, 4th Trimester (082)
  • Eric A. Shearer, D.C., ’91, Pittsburg, Kan., 4th Trimester (082)
  • Kirk Lee, D.C., ’80, Albion, Mich., 5th Trimester (081)
  • Leigh Elceser, D.C., ’94, Pontiac, Mich., 5th Trimester (081)
  • John D. Davila, D.C., ’94, Georgetown, S.C., 6th Trimester (073)
  • Maurice Pisciottano, D.C., ’89, McMurray, Penn., 6th Trimester (073)
  • Maurice O’Hearn, D.C., ’99, Webster City, Iowa, 8th Trimester (071)
  • Steve Schuster, D.C., ’84, Aurora, Colo., 9th Trimester (063)
  • Craig Campbell, D.C., ’79, Midvale, Utah, 9th Trimester (063)
  • Courtney Carmichael-Schwartz, D.C., ’00, Emmetsburg, Iowa, 10th Trimester (062)
  • Robert E. Cox, Jr. D.C., ’94, Omaha, Neb., 10th Trimester (062)

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