Reaching Out

Reaching Out

Alumni are introducing the world to chiropractic, one patient at a time
Fall 2006

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Things are looking up at Palmer!

Ed McCullough Davenport campus Student Council president
Student Council President, Ed McCullough

There are a lot of great things happening around campus and the energy here is definitely up. I think there are several things that are contributing to this phenomenon, including the quality of our students, an administration that listens and all the facility improvements taking place.

For starters, we have great students. Palmer has attracted some excellent people to become chiropractors that will serve their communities and the world. While it is my understanding that we continue to do very well with regard to National Board scores, more importantly, we have attracted individuals with great vision, strength in leadership and a remarkable dedication to humanity. It is apparent that many current Palmer students will be the chiropractic leaders of tomorrow and for that I am grateful.

I also believe the current administration has been very attentive to the requests and needs of the students. The student body has requested wireless communication, more study space, more sanctuary space, organic food options, consistent Student Union hours and time-off for fall boards.

The College’s administrative team has been great to work with and have done an excellent job of making these ideas come to fruition. I feel the open dialogue that we have established with the administration makes us more confident that future positive changes will continue to occur.

After our last break, we came back to beautiful new group study rooms in the Student Union, which were extremely well received by early trimester students. They are the result of a collaborative effort between, the Student Council, the student newspaper The Beacon and the administration. And they’re a great place to study those bones!

We also returned this summer to a new espresso bar—Campus Grounds Café—which has been very popular with our coffee and smoothie lovers. The café’s manager Guy Gerard and head campus Chef Greg Simmons have worked with students to set up a variety of menu options to cater to the current student environment.

And of course, the new Chiropractic Learning Resource Center (CLRC) is being erected as I write this article. The facility’s digital X-ray capabilities will also be welcomed by students as well as faculty, for it is the future of radiographic technology. I understand that the space dedicated to physical therapy and rehabilitation also will be state-of-the-art. This is exciting news for current students and future students who will eventually use these adjunctive therapies to help their patients.

Also, students will be able to sample and utilize the latest software and get a baseline for the software they’ll need once they open their own practices.

With all of these advanced features, the CLRC will enable students to utilize the full spectrum of the chiropractic profession, yet allow them to specialize as well. It shows a commitment by the College to continue to graduate the greatest chiropractors in the world. With the CLRC, it’s apparent to me that Palmer is serious about staying in the forefront of the chiropractic profession.

All of these changes have a positive effect on the student body. The vibe on campus is that good things are happening. And I feel fortunate to be a part of Palmer at such an exciting time. While I realize that I will have more to learn once I graduate, I’m confident that Palmer has provided me with the best chiropractic education available. I’m proud to be a Palmer student and I believe the community in which I practice will appreciate the tools I’ve received from this great institution.

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