Reaching Out

Reaching Out

Alumni are introducing the world to chiropractic, one patient at a time
Fall 2006

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No other chiropractic college comes close:

Because Palmer is Chiropractic

After nearly two years of research, planning and preparation, Palmer College of Chiropractic debuted its new branding platform in early August. The process of getting employees and students acquainted with the brand began early in the summer with informal meetings followed up by events dubbed “Branding 101” and “Palmer’s Brand New Brand.”

Branding 101 was held on all three campuses and introduced employees to different elements of branding, including the College’s tagline. It also gave staff and faculty a taste of some of the changes that will take place in the coming months as the new brand gets underway.

Those who attended Branding 101 were given an informational handout along with a magnet and special coffee mug labeled with Palmer’s new tagline: Because Palmer is Chiropractic .

“A successful tagline must not only say who you are and what it is that you do, it also needs to be interactive and provide direction for your key audiences,” said Darren Garrett, director of Marketing & Communications.

“‘Because Palmer is Chiropractic’ demonstrates those characteristics and promotes Palmer’s position within the chiropractic education profession. Even more important, it answers questions like ‘Why should I get my education at Palmer?’ or ‘Why should I go to the Palmer Chiropractic Clinics?’”

The home page of Palmer’s new website, which will be launched in November 2006.
screen capture of new homepage

During the brand’s official launch August 1-2, employees on all three campuses were introduced to the College’s new logo and the selection of colors that have been chosen to represent Palmer’s different audiences in online and printed communications. To demonstrate the look and feel of the brand, a sample print ad for prospective students was on display as well as pages from Palmer’s upcoming redesigned website.

An example of the type of advertising the College is creating to recruit new students.
advertising design

In the next issue of Insights, look for “Palmer College of Chiropractic Defined,” which will feature Palmer’s Mission Statement, Tenets, Chiropractic Abilities and Philosophy Statement. These elements played an important role in the formation of the College’s branding platform and underscore why Palmer College continues to be the best place to get a chiropractic education. Because Palmer is Chiropractic.

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