Reaching Out

Reaching Out

Alumni are introducing the world to chiropractic, one patient at a time
Fall 2006


Davenport Campus Homecoming 2006

Opening Session draws on the past and the future

The induction of Drs. D.D., B.J., Mabel and David D. Palmer into the Palmer Academy of Chiropractic is recognized with the placement of medallions on the busts in Heritage Courtyard on the Davenport campus.

Homecoming’s Opening Session began with the posthumous induction of D.D., B.J., Mabel and David D. Palmer as Fellows in the Palmer Academy of Chiropractic. The Fellowships were presented by Davenport Campus President Donald Kern, D.C., to the daughters of Drs. David and Agnes Palmer—Vickie Palmer, Bonnie (Palmer) McCloskey and Jenny (Palmer) Sutton, as well as Ms. Sutton’s children Matt and Sara.

A video tribute to the Palmers, produced by the College’s Marketing & Communications Department, shared the many accomplishments of chiropractic’s founding family. The Palmer Academy of Chiropractic was established in 1963 by Dr. David D. Palmer to honor individuals who have exhibited outstanding service to the chiropractic profession, Palmer College of Chiropractic and their communities. Vickie Palmer and her mother Dr. Agnes High Palmer have also been awarded Fellowships.

“Chalk Man” Sam Glenn stirring up a storm of chalk as he creates a drawing during his motivational presentation to the crowd attending the Davenport campus Homecoming’s Opening Session.
Sam Glenn drawing ocean scene with chalk

After the Fellowship ceremony, motivational speaker and artist Sam Glenn gave an inspirational presentation. Known as “The Chalk Man,” Glenn started his program by making a large, chalk drawing of a lighthouse and the sea. His spoken presentation focused on the power and value of attitude through humor and real-life stories.

Everyday 'Miracles' take center stage

Dr. John Watson shared the story of a 6-week-old baby diagnosed with “failure to thrive,” who was sent home to die. He performed one chiropractic adjustment on the infant and her health turned around.
Dr. John Watson speaking at podium

This year’s “Miracles of Chiropractic” session was held Saturday, Aug. 12, in Lyceum Hall Auditorium. It featured six chiropractors and their stories of amazing patient recoveries. The underlying theme of this year’s event was that the routine, everyday work of chiropractors has often had, and continues to have, a profound impact on the patients who receive it. Of the six chiropractors who presented, five are Palmer graduates.

Luncheons and other events update alumni

Chief of Alumni Development Mickey Burt, D.C., addresses a crowd at the Alumni Luncheon during this year’s Davenport campus Homecoming.
Dr. Burt addresses Alumni at Luncheon

Whether they attended luncheons or receptions, alumni at this year’s Davenport campus Homecoming were presented with the latest information on the Alumni Program, the Chiropractic Learning Resource Center, Palmer’s new brand and the College’s latest recruiting efforts.

At the Alumni Luncheon, Aug. 10, host Mickey Burt, D.C., chief of Alumni Development, reviewed the first year of the program and outlined how it is actively seeking the input of alumni. At the end of the luncheon, employees received response cards, offering them the opportunity to volunteer to join a focus group, be part of an advisory committee or help the College in other ways.

During the event, Davenport Campus President Donald Kern, D.C., noted that each new Palmer student generates more than $78,000 per year in revenue. He then challenged each alumni to recruit one new student by the following year.

During the President’s Club Reception, Vickie Palmer, left, and Donald Kern, D.C., present Viola Gilthvedt with a clock given to all 15-year members of the club.
Viola Gilthvedt with Vickie Palmer and Dr. Kern

Dr. Kern also introduced Palmer’s new brand, including the new tagline: Because Palmer is Chiropractic.

The next day, during the Capital Campaign Luncheon, current contributors to the campaign were formally thanked and honored. Speakers included Dr. Kern, Palmer Board of Trustees Chairman Vickie A. Palmer, Foot Levelers CEO Kent Greenawalt, Chief Development Officer Drew Boster and 9th Trimester Davenport campus student Janel Frey-Voelker.

A highlight of the annual President’s Club Reception, held Aug. 12, according to Development Office staffers, were the remarks of Vice President for Academic Affairs Dennis Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D. Said Boster, “He spoke about how the President’s Club members are ‘the faithful who protect the heart of this institution.’” Other speakers included Dr. Kern, Vickie Palmer, Boster and 9th Trimester Davenport student Marc Fritz.

Hundreds give sign of approval to CLRC beam

The final four people to sign the CLRC beam were, from right to left, Davenport graduates, James Husband, D.C., ’81, Janelle Bottorff, D.C., ’92, her father, John Bottorff, D.C., ’56, and Michael Husband, son of Dr. Husband.
Four Alumni pose next to signed CLRC beam

During Homecoming 2006 on the Davenport campus, alumni, students and employees signed their names on a steel beam that will be placed in the covered walkway of the Chiropractic Learning Resource Center (CLRC). The ceremonial beam was painted silver in honor of David D. Palmer’s quote, “Palmer is to chiropractic as sterling is to silver,” and signed with Palmer-purple markers.

Alumni celebrate 25- and 50-year reunions

Dr. Calvin Wenger, Davenport ’56, talks with Davenport Campus President Donald Kern, D.C., during the 50-year Reunion Brunch.
Dr. Calvin Wenger and Dr. Kern

The 50-year Reunion Brunch was held Aug. 11 in the Fellows Room at Lyceum Hall. Davenport Campus President Donald Kern, D.C., was emcee of the event and 50-year graduates James Loftus, D.C., and Vern Hagen, D.C., of the Technique Department, shared their memories and reflections.

“This year’s theme—‘Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow’—came to life in that room,” said Chief Development Officer Drew Boster. “It was moving to see the members of Palmer’s class of 1956 sharing memories and honoring tradition as well as looking to the future of Palmer and chiropractic.”

Lyceum Hall was also host to the 25-year Reunion Luncheon on Aug. 12. The event was emceed by 1981 Palmer graduates Chris Frogley, D.C., and Mikky Barnett, D.C. Speakers included Vickie Palmer, Dr. Kern, Drew Boster, David Nielsen, J.D., and Chief of Alumni Development Mickey Burt, D.C.

“With about 40 classmates and their guests in attendance we had a good representation from the class,” said Senior Development Officer Lois Kundel, C.T., who helped coordinate the event and is herself a 25-year graduate of the Chiropractic Technology program.

Along with the 25- and 50-year classes, many other classes donated gifts to the College during Homecoming, including the 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 30-, 35-, 40- and 45-year classes.

Mansion reopens at Homecoming

Tours were conducted by Palmer Foundation for Chiropractic History staff as well as Campus Guides, some of whom had assisted with the Mansion’s upgrade. Here visitors are shown the Mansion’s solarium.
Tour through Mansion

More than 400 alumni and their families toured the Palmer Mansion during Homecoming, marking the first time the building had been open to the public in nearly two years. Since September 2005, contractors have been working on the building’s electricity, heat, air conditioning and plumbing.

Before the Mansion reopened, Alana Callender, director of the Palmer Foundation for Chiropractic History, along with Drs. Roger Hynes and Sandy Wild, were at work returning thousands of stored artifacts to their original places.

Callender noted that she and Dr. Hynes, who is also with the Technique Department, have been assisted over the years by a number of dedicated volunteers. “I’d like to thank the many alumni and students who have enthusiastically given their time and energy to helping with the Mansion,” she said.

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