Reaching Out

Reaching Out

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Fall 2006


At 99, Langley still has ‘the Big Idea’

Dr. Thomas Langley receiving the President’s Award for being the world’s oldest full-time practicing chiropractor, at the Georgia Chiropractor’s Association Awards Dinner on Oct. 26, 2002.
Dr. Thomas Langley receives President

On December 28, 2006, Thomas Langley, D.C., will mark a milestone when he celebrates his 100th birthday. After establishing his practice in 1937, Dr. Langley continues to see patients three days a week in his Dalton, Ga., office. Even on days when he has no patients, he still visits his practice.

“It’s a good thing to get into,” Dr. Langley said of the profession to which he’s devoted nearly three quarters of a century. “You help a lot of people. And they’re always coming back to see you.” Dr. Langley is also well known by the Georgia Chiropractic Association which, on his 90th birthday, recognized him as the state’s oldest practicing chiropractor.

The 1937 graduate of Palmer’s Davenport campus was an avid baseball player while in Davenport as well as during his time at Georgia Tech, the Civilian Conservation Corps and in the U.S. Army. He also played golf until he was injured in a car accident last year.

When it comes to his own chiropractic care, Dr. Langley has no qualms about seeing a younger doctor. He gets his care from John Proctor, D.C., a 1950 graduate of Palmer’s Davenport campus. Dr. Proctor is 85.

Over the years, Dr. Langley has been assisted by a number of chiropractic technologists, most notably Pat Jordan, who helped run his office for 33 years. When she retired, she left the job to her niece, June White, who has been with the doctor since 2001.

As for whether he plans to retire anytime soon, Dr. Langley has said that he might close his practice after his 100th birthday. Ms. White isn’t so sure. “I don’t expect him to,” she joked. “But he might surprise me.”

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