Team Players

Team Players

Palmer alumni are helping a variety of athletes achieve their personal best
Summer 2007

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Davenport Campus


Dr. Clair W. O’Dell, ’36, Southgate, Mich., celebrated 70 years of practice on Sept. 20, 2006. He celebrated his 90th birthday on Oct. 19, 2006. Phone: (734) 284-2828, e-mail:


Dr. Richard Morra, ‘47, Yonkers, N.Y., will celebrate his 60th anniversary as a chiropractor on Aug. 7, 2007. At the age of 87, he still practices at least three days a week. Phone: 914-965-1717.


Dr. R.E. Bennett, ’52, Johns Island, S.C., recently retired. He was a member of the South Carolina Chiropractic Association (SCCA) for 46 years, serving as vice president and president. Recently he was inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame. In 1966 and 1969, Dr. Bennett was appointed to the South Carolina State Board of Chiropractic Examiners.


Dr. Bernard O’Brien, ’66, Worth, Ill., recently celebrated 40 years of chiropractic practice. Phone: (708) 361-1400.

Dr. Jay Morris, ’67, has moved his office to 115 E. Walnut St., Lebanon, Pa. Phone: (717) 272-0933, e-mail:


Dr. Bradley Chicoine, ’75, Sioux City, Iowa, was elected 2nd Vice President of the Iowa Chiropractic Society. Phone: (712) 252-0633, e-mail:

Dr. Bonnie May, Stedman Graham, and Dr. Glenda Foy

Glenda Foy, D.C., ’75, right, was named the World Congress of Women Chiropractors’ 2007 Woman of the Year at its meeting during the Feb. 7-9 Parker Seminar in Las Vegas. With her are Bonnie May, D.C. Davenport ’74, and author Stedman Graham. She was lauded for her “30 years of loving service” to chiropractic. Her daughter, Jenny Lind Mejia, attends Palmer’s Florida Campus, and will be the third generation of women chiropractors in her family.


Dr. Kirk Steketee, ’75, Holland, Mich., recently became the president of the newly formed Michigan Association of Chiropractors, created by the merger of Michigan Chiropractic Association and the Michigan Chiropractic Society on Dec. 29, 2006. Phone: 269-399-3563; e-mail:

Dr. David C. Bors, ’78, opened ChiroChoice at 1013 Riverburch Pkwy., Ste. 3, Dalton, GA 30721. Phone: (706) 279-9295, e-mail: drbors@

Dr. Steve Mueller, ’78, Algona, Iowa, recently received the President’s Award from the ISC. Phone: (515) 295-9414, e-mail:


Dr. James A. Scott, ’80, Mexico, Mo., was honored by the Missouri State Chiropractors Association as the 2006 Chiropractor of the Year. Phone: (573) 581-3259.

Dr. Chas. B. Kubasko, ’82, Raleigh, N.C., recently earned his black belt in Ryu Kyu Kempo Karate. Phone: (919) 781-8830, e-mail:

Fred Beitler and Dr. Joan Fallon

Joan Fallon, D.C., Davenport ’83, right, is seen here with fellow umpire Fred Beitler, at the conclusion of her participation in the Umpire School in Ormond Beach, Fla. Dr. Fallon was awarded the 2007 Buttleman Sport Award which is given to the student who best exemplifies the attributes of an umpire on and off the field. The award was given by professional umpire Harry Wendelstedt, owner and director of the camp, along with fellow Major League umpires and the school’s lead instructor.


Dr. Russell Rottacker, ’83, Manteca, Calif., passed the diplomate examination for the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (DACNB) and is currently working on board certification in vestibular rehabilitation. Phone: (209) 824-8160, e-mail:

Dr. David Wootton, ’83, Germantown, Tenn., has established a partnership with the Memphis Grizzlies as the official chiropractor for the 2007- 2008 season. Phone: (901) 756-2424.

Dr. Edward D. Jennings, ’84, opened Jennings Chiropractic Clinic in July 2006, at 7622 Auburn Blvd., Citrus Heights, CA 95610. He became a qualified medial evaluator in 2005. Phone: (916) 729-2225, e-mail:

Dr. Bryan Wolfe, ’85, North Bay, Ont., Canada, has completed a two-year term as president of the Ontario Chiropractic Association. Phone: (705) 840-2255, e-mail:

Dr. Suzan Hanson, ’87, Hettinger, N.D., received the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce Community Leadership Award during the Hettinger Chamber picnic on Aug. 30, 2006. Phone: (701) 567-2006, e-mail:

Dr. Paul L. Caton, ’88, Beaver Falls, Pa., has his own radio program, Caton Chiropractic Health Show, Saturday’s, from 8-9 a.m. on WBVP 1230 am and WBVP 1460 am. The radio program has been airing for 13 years. Phone: (724) 847-2222, e-mail:

Dr. Joseph T. Grice, ’88, Pittsburgh, Pa., was recently appointed to the Pennsylvania State Board of Chiropractic by Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. Phone: (412) 381-9977, e-mail:

Dr. Glen C. Keller, ’88, opened a new clinic, Keller Family Chiropractic, LLC, in Millersport, Ohio. Phone: (740) 467-2486, e-mail: keller_

Dr. Hélène Boutet, ’89, St. Agapit, Qué., Canada, and her husband, Gilles Lagotte, had their seventh child, a daughter, Cassylia Simchah, on Feb. 19, 2004. Phone: (418) 931-5234, e-mail:

Dr. Richard Duff, ’89, opened a new office at 2001 Union St., Ste. 105, San Francisco, CA 94123. He was also elected the San Francisco district president of the California Chiropractic Association. Phone: (415) 563-0603, e-mail:

Dr. Paul Ewert, ’89, New Hampton, Iowa, and his wife, Jenny, had a son, Adam, on June 2, 2006. Phone: (641) 394-3039, e-mail: predc@

Dr. Norbert Gallagher, ’89, Tulsa, Okla., and his wife, Shannon, had a son, Briggs Harrison, on Jan. 31, 2006. He moved his office to 9118 S. Sheridan Rd., Tula, Okla. Dr. Gallagher was elected President of the Oklahoma State Chiropractic Independent Physician Associations in July 2006. Phone: (918) 747-7463, e-mail:


Dr. Jon T. Saunders, ’92, opened Saunders Chiropractic and Decompression Center in January 2007 at 6001 S. Sharon Ave., Ste. 5, Sioux City, Iowa. Phone: (605) 977-0736, e-mail: jtsaunders

Dr. Richard E. Charpenter, ’93, Jacksonville, Ill., and his wife Bobbi, had a son, Philip Conrad, on May 16, 2006. Phone: (217) 243-3377, e-mail:

Dr. Theresa Pigott, ’93, Berkley, Mich., was interviewed April 5, on Detroit TV station WJBK’s “Health Watch” regarding the neuro-emotional technique. Dr. Pigott has been certified in this technique for more than 10 years. Phone: (248) 399-5890; e-mail:

Dr. Ahad Lotfi, ’94, opened his fourth clinic, Paw Paw Chiropractic Clinic, at 3800 Red Arrow Hwy. Paw Paw, MI 49079. Phone: (269) 621-3800, e-mail:

Dr. Douglas Busch, ’96, Pueblo, Colo., and his wife, Tabetha, had a daughter, Hope Avenly, on Feb. 14, 2007. Phone: (719) 544-7744, e-mail:

Dr. Todd Hubbard, ’96, and his wife, Amy Hoefler Hubbard, C.T., ’92, Rock Island, Ill., had a son, Owen Cooper, on Sept. 8, 2006. Phone: (309) 786-2663, e-mail,

Dr. Michael Weaver, ’96, Austintown, Ohio, had a son, Benjamin David, on March 31, 2007. Phone: (330) 799-1110, e-mail: docweavedc

Dr. Eric R. Carlsen, ’97, Manakin Sabot, Va., had a son, Spencer Eric, on Nov. 28, 2006. Dr. Carlsen also received the 2006 District Director or the Year award from the Virginia Chiropractic Association. Phone: (804) 784-0161.

Drs. Michael Grant, ’97, and Chantelle Varrial Grant, ’97, Dover, N.J., had a son, Julian Rene, on Oct. 10, 2007. Phone: (973) 328-2588.

Dr. Perry Nickelston, ’97, opened his third laser therapy office, The Laser Pain Center, in Lyndhurst, N.J. The office specializes in K-Laser Class 4 heat laser therapy and hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy for pain relief. Phone: (973) 800-6570, website:

Dr. Brad Pins, ’97, Naperville, Ill., and his wife, Cheryl, had a daughter, Rachel Lee, on March 21, 2007. In June 2006, Dr. Brad purchased a second office in Aurora, Ill., in addition to his practice in Naperville, Ill. Phone: (630) 527-9100, e-mail:

Dr. Hiroya Nakamura, ’98, Schaumburg, Ill, opened a new office at 655 S. Roselle Rd., Schaumburg, IL 60193. Phone: (847) 891-1112, e-mail:

Dr. Travis Tessendorf, ’98, and his wife, Abbie, Columbus, Neb., had a daughter, Cambell Kay, on Aug. 31, 2006. Phone: (402) 564-0193, e-mail:

Dr. David Brisbin, ’99, and his wife Lisa, Sherwood Park, Alta., Canada, had a daughter, Sadie Belle, on March 25, 2007. Phone: (780) 449-6636, e-mail:

Drs. Andrew Czarniewski, ’99, and Kelly Sheehan, ’00, had a daughter, Elsie Kate, on January 23, 2007. Drs. Andrew and Kelly opened Discover Chiropractic at 1935 95th St., Ste. 115, Naperville, IL 60564. Phone: (630) 718-0848, e-mail:

Dr. Maureen (O’Toole) Work, ’99, opened Body Care Chiropractic, PLLC, at 2419 Lewisville- Clemmons Rd., Ste. 5, Clemmons, NC 27012. Phone: (336) 766-3993, e-mail: otooledc@


Dr. Brandan Anderson, ’01, has moved his office, Anderson Family Chiropractic, to 4132 30th Ave. S., Ste. 102, Fargo, ND 58104. Phone: (701) 241- 7737, e-mail:

Dr. Lacy Follett, ’01, Jefferson, Iowa, married Adam Brubaker on March 24, 2007. Phone: (515) 386-4753, e-mail:

Drs. Lucas, ’01, and Amy Watterson, ’01, Morgantown, W.Va., had a daughter, Alissa Joelle, on March 26, 2007. Phone: (304) 292-7740, e-mail:

Drs. Jeremy Ferris, ’02, and his brother, Matt Ferris, ‘04, Fishers, Ind., opened a new office, Health Connections, on March 24, 2007. Phone: (317) 585-9111, e-mail:

Dr. Eric Sanders, ’02, Midvale, Utah, had a son, Hyrum Eric, on Jan. 26, 2006. Phone: (801) 256- 0607, e-mail:

Drs. Bo Skjenneberg, ’02, and Patricia Mure, ’05, Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden, had a daughter, on Oct. 20, 2006. Phone: (46) 08-252526, e-mail:

Dr. Carrey Tiller, ’02, Spanish Fort, Ala., opened Family Chiropractic Center of Mobile, P.C. at 4310 Old Shell Rd., Ste. A, Mobile, AL 36608 on Feb. 1, 2007. Phone: (251) 340-6275.

Dr. Tara E. Kennard, ’03, opened a new clinic at 827 Chestnut St., Mt Carmel, IL 62863, on June 5, 2006. Phone: (618) 262-2222, e-mail: tarakdc@

Dr. Jeff Leach, ’03, opened Living Well Chiropractic at 118 W. 6th St., Monticello, MN 55362, on June 19, 2006. He had a son, Elias Brian, in December 2006. Phone: (763) 295-9355, e-mail: jleachdc@

Dr. Alicia Sabo, ’03, Johnston, Iowa, married Jason Clevenger on Dec. 30, 2006. Dr. Sabo practices in Altoona, Iowa. Phone: (515) 967-9300, e-mail:

Jennifer Mee with Dr. Eric Springer

Jennifer Mee, left, made national news for having hiccups for 37 consecutive days before they finally stopped Feb. 28. Eric Springer, D.C., Davenport ’03, right, a resident of Ms. Mee’s hometown of St. Petersburg, Fla, offered free chiropractic care to the 15-year old and continues to see her as a patient today. Dr. Springer was one of several professionals the high school student saw during her fiveweek search for relief.


Dr. Rhonda Maassen, ’04, Farmington, Iowa, married Kurt Lowenberg on June 19, 2004. They had a son, Landan, on Jan. 22, 2006. Phone: (319) 878-1234, e-mail:

Drs. Jeffrey Meier, ’04 and Kimberly (Spitzke) Meier, 04, had a daughter, Sadie, in July 2006, and recently opened Meier Family Chiropractic in Billings, Mont. Phone: (406) 651-5433, e-mail:

Dr. Jessica Keppy (Johnson), ’05, Aurora, Colo., and her husband, Gary, had a son, Evan Henry, on Feb. 18, 2007. E-mail:

Dr. Nicholas Linn, ’05 and his wife, Katrina, C.T., ’04, Norfolk, Neb., had a daughter, Kierstyn, on Feb. 2, 2007. Phone: (402) 371-8864, e-mail: linnchiro@

Dr. Kurt Price, ’05, Memphis, Tenn., was recently named the Tennessee Young Chiropractor of the Year and elected district board director for the Tennessee Chiropractic Association. Phone: (901) 323-3613, e-mail:

Dr. Dana Andrews, ’06, opened Andrews Family Chiropractic in Manchester, Mich., in February 2007. Phone: (734) 428-0550, e-mail: drandrewsdc

Dr. John (Bill) Binsfeld, ’06, Kaukauna, Wis., was married to Brandi, on June 17, 2006. They opened Lifetime Chiropractic in Appleton, Wis. Phone: (920) 830-4552, e-mail:

Dr. Lisa Shefchik, '06, and husband, Jeff, Green Bay, Wis., had a daughter, Payton Rae, on Dec. 22, 2006. E-mail:

Dr. Amanda Stone, ’06, opened The Chiropractic Clinic, in Senatobia, Miss. Phone: (662) 560-4105, e-mail:

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