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Made any "adjustments" lately?

alumni adjustments

West Campus


Dr. Gary Hermansen, ’88, opened a new office with Dr. Jon Floto, ’91, at 210 South Taylor St., Fallon, NV 89406. Phone: (775) 423-5878.


Dr. Edward Klein, ’90, Tujunga, Calif., received a lifetime achievement award in July 2006, for 10 years of writing the technique exams used by Activator Methods, Inc., to certify chiropractors for inclusion in the Activator referral website. Phone: (818) 951-2777, e-mail: kleinforcongress@yahoo.com.

Palmer chiropractors

In March, several Palmer chiropractors joined with massage therapists to provide care to residents of Piedras Negras, in the Mexican state of Coahuila. The annual trip is organized by Rotary Club International. Volunteers included, front row, from left, Barbara Baker, Eletta Block, Kathy Rudy, West ’05, Anjali Agrawal, West ’05, Kevin Imai, West ’02, Anne Baron, Ayleen Augustine, D.C., West ’04, and Carmella Granado. Back row, from left, Janeice Coats, James Block, James Coats, Davenport ’98, Terri Coats, D.C., Davenport ’99, Sonnett Stern, West ’92, Joe Wilson, Davenport ’63, Jon Floto, D.C., West ’91, Wendy Whitehurst and Norbeth Granado.

Made any "adjustments" lately?

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