Team Players

Team Players

Palmer alumni are helping a variety of athletes achieve their personal best
Summer 2007


Ted Omura, D.C., West ’97

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Cung Le, left, with Dr. Ted Omura, chiropractor for the UFC and Strikeforce fighters. Mr. Le is a threetime world champion mixed martial artist.
Cung Le and Dr. Ted Omura

STATS: Event chiropractor for the National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders (1999-2004), and Chiropractor for the Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters and Strikeforce fighters (2002-present)

How long have you been a sports chiropractor? Since 1997.

What are some of the issues you face with athletes that you don’t encounter with traditional patients? Telling a pro athlete that they have to miss a tournament or game is the toughest thing to do—especially when they’re high profile. It’s easier if they’re just playing the sport for fun.

Who are some of the athletes you’ve cared for? In the past, I treated 49ers giants like Jeff Garcia and Merton Hanks, and Charles Woodson of the Oakland Raiders. Right now I care for UFC/Strikeforce fighters Phil Baroni, Cung Le, Josh Koshcheck, Mike Swick, Paul Buentello and Daniel Puder.

What kind of care does your clinic provide the fighters? Chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage, active release technique, Graston Technique and more.


What do you like about being a team chiropractor? I love being a sports chiropractor! It is a dream come true. Combining my love for sports, health, and interacting with people was a perfect fit for me.

Can you think of a particularly memorable experience you’ve had as a sports chiropractor? Every time a fighter wins and they thank SCORE Clinic [Dr. Omura’s practice] on live TV is a memorable experience!

What knowledge have you gained from being a sports chiropractor? At the end of the day, I finish with a smile knowing I’ve accomplished something and affected many peoples’ lives in a positive manner. I compare it to running a 10K; it’s challenging and you may be fatigued at the end of the day, but you feel so good at the end. I’ve learned that being a sports chiropractor is the most gratifying profession. I look forward to coming into the clinic everyday, touching patients and healing as many as I can.

How did Palmer prepare you for where you are today? Palmer was the beginning of where I am today. You always remember how you got your start; no matter what you do.

Any advice for others wanting to be sports chiropractors? Any prospective student interested in this profession can make their life truly happy, satisfying and successful by attending Palmer College and becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Providing chiropractic care outside the ring:
Having earned Certified Chiropractic Sport Physician certification, Dr. Omura not only cares for mixed martial arts fighters but golf, soccer, tennis and baseball players as well.

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