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Summer 2007

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National columnist addresses Davenport Campus

Leonard Pitts Jr. speaks to a full house on the Davenport Campus during the Black History Month event.
Leonard Pitts Jr. speaking to students and alumni

Leonard Pitts Jr., a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, spoke to a group of nearly 250 people at the Davenport Campus’ celebration of Black History Month on Feb. 21. Pitts’ presentation to Palmer and Quad-City community members focused on the way Americans look at this country’s history.

“Black History Month, it seems to me, is not about emphasis,” said the nationally syndicated columnist. “Rather, it seems to encourage a belief that there is American history over here and black history over there and that one doesn’t have much to do with the other. But the greatest war in American history was fought over the issue of freeing black people from slavery, and the greatest social movement in American history was fought to make that freedom mean something.”

The event was sponsored by the Student Services Department and the Student American Black Chiropractic Association (SABCA).

“In his presentation, Mr. Pitts shared his remarkable insights on a variety of topics and reminded us that black history is American history, and worthy of the same attention given to all American history,” said Kelan Ritchie, Admissions Office, who also is the Davenport Campus SABCA adviser.

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