Team Players

Team Players

Palmer alumni are helping a variety of athletes achieve their personal best
Summer 2007


Doors opening at the Academic Health Center

Faculty clinicians and other faculty moving to the Academic Health Center this summer include Davenport Campus graduates, front row, from left, Robert Illingworth, D.C., ’92; Scott Carpenter, D.C., ’99; Casey Crisp, D.C., ’97; Dennis Lopez, D.C., ’76; Academic Health Center Director James Owens, D.C., ’82; Virginia Barber, D.C., ’90; Misty Stick, D.C., ’00; Ronald Boesch, D.C., ’91; Susan Larkin, D.C., ’82; and Steven Silverman, D.C., ’95. Back row, from left, James Countryman, D.C., ’85; Ranier Pavlicek, D.C., ’01; Director of Clinical Radiology Ian McLean, D.C., ’79; Todd Hubbard, D.C., ’96; Thomas Wicks, D.C., ’93; Dennis Malik, D.C., ’83; Director of Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Dave Juehring, D.C., ’94; and Alfred Harker, D.C., ’77. Not pictured: David Hannah, D.C., and Michael Oppelt, D.C., Davenport ’94.
Faculty clinicians in front of Academic Health Center

The new building on the Davenport Campus, formerly known as the Chiropractic Learning Resource Center, has a new name: the Palmer College of Chiropractic Academic Health Center.

“The Chiropractic Learning Resource Center is a part of the new building, but it’s only one aspect of a larger whole,” said Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Dean of Clinics Kurt Wood, D.C. “Because this facility is affiliated with a first-class professional educational institution, with quality patient-centered care taking place within it, and with a focus on employment of and contribution to scholarship in the profession, it is truly an academic health center.”

The Center has approximately 50,000-square feet of space devoted to a community outpatient clinic facility and a learning resource center for clinical chiropractic education. With its progressive clinic facility, the Center will further enhance the clinical education that students receive and offer expanded chiropractic clinic services to patients.

It is scheduled to open on July 10, 2007, and will include community outpatient clinic facilities, clinical learning resources for students, faculty, alumni and researchers, and a philosophy devoted to best practices in clinical education and patient care. In addition, the facility will have digital radiography services and areas devoted specifically to chiropractic rehabilitation and sports injury services, and workers compensation and personal injury services.

“We are gearing Palmer’s clinical education to prepare our graduates for contemporary chiropractic practice,” said Dr. Wood. “The students will be taking part in all aspects of patient-centered care and management, guided by our faculty clinicians. Our focus will be on evidence, clinician experience and patient expectations.”

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