Team Players

Team Players

Palmer alumni are helping a variety of athletes achieve their personal best
Summer 2007


Charitable gift annuity: Give and receive at the same time

A charitable gift annuity gives you the opportunity to make a gift to a charitable organization, such as Palmer College, and receive a fixed income for life, or for the lives of two people, based on the stipulated rate of interest and the life expectancy of the recipients.

Charitable gift annuities can be made by donating cash, shares of stock, a Certificate of Deposit, land, paid-up insurance policies or other assets. The annual amounts paid are usually determined by reference to a recommended rate.

There are definite advantages to charitable gift annuities. Donors receive a charitable income tax deduction based on the gift’s remainder value. Also, the payout is a fixed rate and never varies, and a portion of the payment may not be taxable.

For more information on charitable gift annuities, talk to a qualified financial planner or estate planning attorney. For assistance with making a charitable gift to Palmer, contact Senior Development Officer Lois Kundel at (800) 722-2586. At the prompts, press 3, then press 4. Or e-mail Lois at

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