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Book Review

“The Vital Truth: Accessing the Possibilities of Unlimited Health” by Sarah Farrant, D.C.
Reviewed by Victor Strang, D.C., Davenport Campus Professor of Philosophy, Davenport ’77

Dr. Victor Strang
Dr. Victor Strang

“The Vital Truth,” by Sarah Farrant, D.C., Davenport ’02, is a gem of writing that I truly enjoyed. Sarah was the sort of student that keeps professors teaching year after year—always in the front of the room, quick to respond to questions and to ask them, and eager to share, in and outside of the classroom.

Dr. Farrant learned her lessons well. “The Vital Truth,” as she states, is based on three fundamental principles: 1. Health exists on a continuum. 2. The power that made the body heals the body. 3. Nature needs no help, just no interference. These remain core concepts in Palmer’s philosophy of chiropractic.

That being said, the book covers a lot in its approximately two hundred pages comprising 22 chapters. I particularly enjoyed “The Magnificent You.” In this chapter, Dr. Farrant has assembled more than 100 factoids about the human body that are testimony to its awesome design. Numerous case examples from Dr. Sarah’s own life and practice are described throughout the book. Each chapter concludes with an additional section called “The Vital Questions.” These are things the reader is encouraged to think about that pertain to his or her own life and health.

Although appropriate for the layperson with an interest in an advanced understanding of all things chiropractic, “The Vital Truth” is also very suitable for chiropractic students who are learning to communicate to others about the profession. In addition, I feel that “seasoned” chiropractors will find renewed inspiration in its pages. Dr. Farrant has used her own life experiences to write a book that I recommend highly.

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