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a moment with Dr. Moreau

Bill Moreau, D.C., is the newly appointed Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement.
Dr. Moreau

Dawn. A young man has been on the move for several hours. His body moves efficiently and with urgency. He stoops slightly forward from the waist, with his head up and his eyes moving. He moves quietly across barren and rocky soil, looking for the correct extraction point. The morning is cool, but he steadily sweats with trickles now running down the sides of his dusty face.

His soft footsteps make a light crunching noise as the rubber edges of his boots dig for a sure foothold in the gravelly soil. He climbs across and up the desolate side slope of a mountain, making sure he keeps his position with the rest of his twelve-man team. His shoulders are sore from the weight of his gear.

He was once a young athlete who loved to play football in a small Midwestern town. Intelligent, with black hair, blue eyes and a mischievous grin—he is always quick to smile. He last presented not as a happy go lucky high school running back, but as a chiseled man with a clear goal for his life. He has been intensely training for months because he wants to serve his country in the Special Forces.

Soon he will be entering the Special Forces selection process. His message to me is clearly delivered; his eyes look directly into mine, as he tells me how much a Special Forces appointment means to him. I not only hear him, I can actually feel his urgency. His intelligence, agility and resourcefulness will all be tested to the limits. He desperately wants to make it to the Special Forces Qualification Course. But there is a problem….

His back and his feet are hurting so badly that his running times are not fast enough. These structural problems are holding him back. I was thankful for my training at Palmer College, because this training allowed me to play a role in helping him achieve such a worthy goal. His aspiration was well beyond anything I would ever imagine doing. Because he was returning to camp in just a few short days, this was a now-or-never moment. The chiropractic adjustive procedures I performed were what all Palmer chiropractors have been trained to do. When we finished, he was thankful for the newfound hope I provided. I was humbled.

Fellow Palmer alumni, this issue of Insights focuses on chiropractic as it relates to the men and women who serve in the military. I hope you find inspiration from the stories and efforts of the Palmer chiropractors who care for these special individuals. To finish the story, my patient did make it into the Special Forces and his family tells me that he is a Special Forces communications sergeant somewhere in Afghanistan. I think of him daily. I do not know his exact location, but I am with him. I ask you to also please be with him, and all his team.

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