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Palmer Homecoming 2008 Davenport Campus

Alumni Advisory Group announced
Executive Director for Alumni Dr. Mickey Burt asks the newly appointed members of the Alumni Advisory Group to stand during the Alumni Luncheon, Aug. 8.
Dr. Burt speaking at Alumni luncheon

During the Aug. 7 evening session of Palmer Homecoming 2008 on the Davenport Campus, newly appointed Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement Bill Moreau, D.C., introduced the 22 members of the new Alumni Advisory Group.

These alumni will provide feedback to the College in areas such as the Palmer Center for Business Development, Student Recruitment, and how the College can provide meaningful services to alumni. The members were selected based on their service to the College, their commitment to advancing the College and its goals, and their willingness to participate.

Davenport Campus alumni in the group are: Dayne Deeds, D.C., ’04; Jefferey Gehlsen, D.C., ’85; Craig Gilbaugh, D.C., ’83; Frank Gingras, D.C., ’75; Patrick Gottfried, D.C., ’96; Hossein Hamadanchi, D.C., ’82; Joseph Hofferth, D.C., ’95; Mark Houk, D.C., ’80; Paul Liechty, D.C., ’76; Masahiko Matsushita, D.C., ’03; Daniel R. Miller, D.C., ’98; David Moss, D.C., ’82; Wesley Mullen, D.C. ’72; Rusty Myers, D.C., ’96; Douglas Pfeiffer, D.C., ’85; Charles Price, D.C., ’75; Brian Reilly, D.C., ’82; and Gary Schaaf, D.C., ’91. West Campus members include: Jodi Judge, D.C., ’92; Garrett Kusch, D.C., ’05. Florida Campus alumni include: Shane Carter, D.C., ’05; Amber Plante, D.C., ’05.

The Alumni Luncheon the next day gave everyone a chance to speak one-on-one with the group. During the event, Executive Director for Alumni Mickey Burt, D.C., asked the group’s members to stand and be recognized. “They will be instrumental in communicating the ideas and dreams of all alumni for the future of Palmer College,” he said.

Ribbon cutting recognizes Business Center pioneers
Taking part in the Palmer Center for Business Development ribbon cutting were, from left, Chancellor Larry Patten, Dr. Trevor Ireland, Dr. Geoff Huls, Dr. Steve Nagel, Dr. Nikki Huls, Dr. Ed McCullough, Davenport Campus student Heather Maxwell, Dr. Dwight Bailey and (off-camera) Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Dr. Kevin Cunningham.
Participants cut the ribbon to PCBD

“Palmer is greater today because they stepped up with a great idea,” said Chancellor Larry Patten, referring to the eight students who, in 2006, proposed that the College have a business center. They were honored at a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Palmer Center for Business Development during Homecoming.

Of those eight pioneering Davenport Campus students, Geoff Huls, D.C., ’08; Nikki Huls, D.C., ’07; Ed McCullough, D.C., ’07; and Steve Nagel, D.C., ’08; were present. The other members of the group included Dave Campbell, D.C., ’07; Eric Dzwonkowski, D.C., ’07; Sylvester Owusu, D.C., ’07; and Beth Owusu, D.C., ’07.

Dwight Bailey, Psy.D., the director of the Center for Business Development, spoke of the great amount of interest students had already shown for the center. “We have waiting lists for students wanting to come in,” he said. “Two hundred students have been involved with the Center so far, in one form or another.”

Classes reunite for fun and fundraising
Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Trevor Ireland, left, and Vickie Palmer, personally presented Davenport Campus President Dr. Donald Kern his 50-year award at the 50-year Reunion Brunch.
Dr. Kern receives 50 year award from Dr. Trevor Ireland and Vickie Palmer

The 25-year Reunion dinner on Aug. 8 attracted 65 graduates from the Davenport Campus Class of 1983. The event was hosted by Executive Director for Alumni Dr. Mickey Burt.

Among those present was Chair of Diagnosis & Radiology Professor Lisa Killinger, D.C., Davenport ’83, who urged her fellow classmates to raise $25,000 to dedicate an iron sculpture depicting a spine that will be placed on the Campus Plaza. Classmates responded immediately with the first donation being $1,000. Then Ed Jennings, D.C., Davenport ’84, spoke on behalf of the 1983 class members who played on the Men’s Rugby team and won the 1983 Midwest Collegiate Championship.

Earlier that day, the 50-Year Reunion Brunch was attended by 75 alumni, and featured a special presentation by Board Chairman Trevor Ireland, D.C., Davenport ’70, and Board Officer Vickie Palmer to Davenport Campus President Donald Kern, D.C. Dr. Kern celebrated his 50-year reunion with the group, marking only the second time that a sitting president has been a 50-year graduate. The first was B.J. Palmer.

Alumni enjoy inspiring presentations and a fun-filled Festival
Maurice Pisciottano, D.C., Davenport ’89, was one of many motivational speakers to address alumni at Homecoming this year, as he inspired participants during his Aug. 8 session, “Chiropractic’s Role in the Wellness Lifestyle.”
Dr. Maurice Pisciottano speaking
The Saturday Night Festival made a return to the Campus Plaza this year, giving attendees the chance to remain on campus throughout the day.
Homecoming participants enjoying the festival outside
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