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Dr. Rose: The golfer’s advantage

Co-founders of the Titleist Performance Institute Dave Phillips, left, and Dr. Greg Rose, right, with Padraig Harrington, holding the Claret Jug from the British Open. Harrington is the 2007 and 2008 champion of the British Open.
Dave Phillips, Padraig Harrington with trophy, and Dr. Greg Rose

While studying engineering at the University of Maryland, Dr. Greg Rose, Davenport ’96, discovered his love of golf—and it was because of golf that he discovered chiropractic.

“I worked at a local golf course and got to know some of the golfers,” said Dr. Rose. “It turned out that they were chiropractors.” Laughing, he added, “With chiropractors, it’s usually one of two things: they either want you to be their patient or become a chiropractor yourself.”

After Dr. Rose graduated from Palmer, he opened his practice, Advantage Golf, in Bethesda, Md., and offered care only to golfers. This led to the opening of his fitness center, Club Golf, in Gaithersburg, Md. “Everybody told me I was crazy,” he said. “But within four years, we had 3,000 patients.” A chance meeting with Pete Uihlein, son of Titleist CEO Wally Uihlein, ended up with him relocating to California. In talking with the elder Uihlein, Dr. Rose told him that he believed that the innovative techniques they were using at Advantage Golf were the future of golf. That was when Wally Uihlein invited him out to the Titleist headquarters.

Together, Dave Phillips, a faculty member of the PGA of America, and Dr. Rose proposed taking Titleist’s club fitting expertise to the next level by incorporating the physical attributes of the body and swing technique to improve a golfer’s game and wellness factors. What they proposed would turn into the Titleist Performance Institute, which they co-founded in 2002.

Now Dr. Rose and Mr. Phillips are part of the hands-on team creating the ultimate golf experience. In addition, Dr. Rose teaches seminars around the world on golf biomechanics and video swing analysis for isolating physical limitations (using computerized three-dimensional motion capture models of the golf swing). He also co-hosts the weekly Golf Fitness Academy on the Golf Channel.

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