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Dr. Agnes Palmer left a lasting impression on chiropractic

Dr. Agnes Palmer
Dr. Agnes Palmer

While thanking the College for the tribute it paid to her Aug. 7, Vickie Palmer paid a tribute of her own to her parents. “They were very loving parents,” she said. “And I thank them for giving me an appreciation of the legacy that the Palmer family has.”

Her mother, Agnes Mae (High) Palmer, D.C., left a legacy in chiropractic as well as in the art world. After graduating from Palmer in 1938, Dr. Agnes Palmer operated a practice in Westchester, Pa. She then married Dr. Dave in 1943.

Throughout her life, Dr. Palmer was actively involved in chiropractic through her membership in the College’s alumni association, the President’s Club and the International Chiropractic Association. She also served as Supreme Kiatrus of the Alpha Grand Chapter of Sigma Phi Chi, the oldest chiropractic sorority.

Internationally, Dr. Palmer was recognized for her sculpting, for which she held shows in New York in 1968, and Italy in 1969 and 1985. She eventually combined her passion for sculpting with her love for chiropractic and her family. The busts of Dr. Dave and Dr. Mabel Palmer, which are found on Heritage Wall on the Davenport Campus, were both made by Dr. Palmer.

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