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Made any "adjustments" lately?

alumni adjustments

Florida Campus


Dr. Shawn Doerrfeld, ’06, Palm Coast, Fla., opened a new office, Doerrfeld Chiropractic Clinic in 2007. Phone: (386) 986-1966, e-mail: shawn.doerrfeld@gmail.com.

Dr. Gregory Cobb, ’07, purchased a practice in Tampa, Fla. in April 2008. Dr. Cobb named his practice Cobb Rehab & Wellness. Phone: (813) 914-8500, e-mail: gregory749cobb@hotmail.com.

Dr. Frederic Gonzales, ’07, and his wife, Melissa, had a daughter, Isabella Clair, on Aug. 2, 2008. E-mail: beta_pi612@yahoo.com.

Made any "adjustments" lately?

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