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Reach out. Re-energize. Recruit.

Reach out. Re-energize. Recruit.

Alumni are using tried, true and new methods to bring students to Palmer
Winter/Spring 2009

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Seven questions for Florida Campus Instructor John Lockenour, D.C., Davenport ’77

Dr. John Lockenour pointing to PowerPoint presentation

1. What courses do you teach?
I teach Care 7 Active Care/Rehabilitative Exercise, Care 8 Passive Care/Physiotherapy and Structure 9/Geriatrics. Today’s patients are more complex and need additional services to support the chiropractic adjustment for maximum benefit and results.
2. Why did you become a teacher?
I was privileged to have a number of teachers at Palmer College who had practiced prior to teaching and seemed to communicate chiropractic concepts in a way that I could understand and use.
3. How do you motivate your students on difficult assignments?
Today’s students tend to be motivated by participation in a group or with practical exercises. I utilize group assignments, projects and practical application of the information I give in the classroom.
4. What’s it like when a student suddenly gets a point you’re trying to make?
This is the MAJOR reason most professors teach today. We receive a great deal of satisfaction when our students “get the point.” For me that occurs most often in the clinical setting after they have completed my classes.
5. When was the last time a student stumped you with a question?
It probably happens at least one to two times per month. Our students all have undergrad degrees prior to entering our program. I have teachers, nurses, attorneys, massage therapists and physical therapists in class who are working on a second career.
6. How does it feel to be a Midwesterner living in Florida?
It really has been a big transition moving from the town of 15,000 where I grew up and practiced for 30 years, to a larger community where nobody knows you. Overall it has been good meeting new people and I really enjoy the weather. Can’t say I miss the snow and ice!
7. What do you like most about teaching at Palmer?
I like knowing that every student I teach I have the opportunity to influence. By motivating them to become the best they can be, I actually touch the lives of every one of their patients in an indirect way.

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