A chancellor for our times

A chancellor for our times

Spring 2010

Davenport Campus

The power to help those in need is in your hands

Tom Rexroth, D.C., of Burlington, Iowa, has plenty of experience lending a hand to those in need and recommends other alumni consider doing the same. “It’s a good way to give back,” he suggests, and a sure way of providing chiropractic health and healing.

The 1989 Davenport Campus grad has participated in several different outreach programs since his days as a student. On a recent trip to Jamaica, he and nine other chiropractors adjusted 1,100 very grateful schoolchildren in the week they were there.

According to Senior Development Officer Shelley Hammill, if you participate in one of Palmer’s Clinic Abroad Program trips as a student, it’s easy for you to feel that spirit of giving once again. Opportunities abound in both the U.S. and abroad to donate your care. You can jump on board with an existing outreach organization or get together with a group of friends and create your own.

Dr. Rexroth works with the Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps (RAM), a non-profit organization that provides free health care to people living in remote areas of the world, including the U.S. It’s noteworthy that while RAM has been providing care for more than 25 years, Dr. Rexroth was their first volunteer chiropractor. He recalls the tremendous gratification of introducing both healthcare professionals and patients to the wonders of the chiropractic model. Information on RAM is available at www.ramusa.org.

Whether you help people close to home or offer care in an underdeveloped country, your volunteer efforts can do a world of good.

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