A chancellor for our times

A chancellor for our times

Spring 2010

Florida Campus

Connecting and communicating are key to president’s mission

Florida Campus President Dr. Peter Martin
Dr. Peter Martin

With the enthusiasm usually reserved for a newly graduated D.C., Florida Campus President Dr. Peter Martin hit the road in the fall of 2009 on a mission to share his upbeat message. “I enjoy the heck out of it!” he said. “It’s a different dynamic. Unlike larger conferences, we can engage in meaningful dialogue and focused conversations with small groups of alumni and others in the field.”

Sounding like the Johnny Cash song, “I’ve Been Everywhere,” already, Dr. Martin’s been to Atlanta, Jacksonville, Altamonte, Ormond Beach, Lake City, Gainesville, Lakeland, Ocala—well, you get the picture. In every locale, Palmer graduates from the Davenport and Florida campuses have turned out to meet with Dr. Martin and hear firsthand about the exciting things happening at Palmer and on the Florida Campus. This experience also serves as a kind of barometer for the state of the profession and the College. “The conversations lead to what is most important to those in the field and for us as a college,” said Dr. Martin.

In addition to the meetings held in more than a dozen cities, Dr. Martin attended Parker Seminars, the “Chiro Summit” conferences and meetings with six state chiropractic associations. While his focus is on alumni in the southeast, Dr. Martin has found Palmer alumni everywhere he’s been.

“It’s an opportunity to gain valuable insight and be a conduit for information in critical areas such as healthcare reform,” added Dr. Martin. He credits Assistant to the President Peggy Quinn for coordinating the logistics of his meetings as well as for “holding down the fort” during his visits.

Doctors in the field have reacted enthusiastically to the visits, particularly because the president of a leading chiropractic college has made himself available to share and exchange information without asking for anything in return. In a letter to Dr. Martin, John O. Tucker, D.C., Davenport ’67, P.A., of Lakeland, Fla., said, “Thank you for the opportunity to sit down with you. I hope you will continue to do these luncheons around the state and wherever you travel. This personal touch will do nothing but improve relations between Palmer and those of us in the field.”

Some of the comments Dr. Martin has heard during his travels are concerns about chiropractic’s position in healthcare reform, support for the Palmer Center for Business Development, an interest in the Clinic’s mentorship model, and an appreciation for the College elevating the profession by being proactive politically and in governmental affairs.

“I approach this initiative with no set expectations or agenda. Instead I allow the process to develop. I want to show our alumni that the school is still there for them,” added Dr. Martin.

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