Palmer alumni are keeping elite athletes at the top of their game

Palmer alumni are keeping elite athletes at the top of their game

Spring 2012

Palmer College

Update: Palmer Chiropractic Identity

Testing underway; final approval sought in June

Following a nearly three-year process of planning, research and review, the Boardappointed Palmer Chiropractic Identity Committee is in the late stages of finalizing a set of documents that will represent Palmer College’s position on chiropractic for future generations.

As reported in the past several issues of Palmer Insights, the purpose of this identity project has been to develop and solidify a relevant identity within the contemporary chiropractic education marketplace and provide an example that could help unify the Palmer community.

“Throughout the process, we have been steadfast in our intent to remain true to the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic,” says Vickie Palmer, chair of the Palmer Chiropractic Identity Committee. “At the same time, we must create a rational and scientific-based, marketable statement that identifies the profession for the general public and fellow healthcare providers.”

The research phase of the project began with an assessment of past chiropractic identity projects conducted by the World Federation of Chiropractic, the American Chiropractic Association and other groups. Following that assessment, the committee went to faculty, staff, alumni, recent graduates, clinic patients and the general public for input related to:

  • The central focus of chiropractic
  • Phrases related to the practice of chiropractic
  • Phrases related to the characteristics of chiropractors

Also included as part of the research effort was a thorough review of the College’s guiding documents: the mission, vision, philosophy statement and tenets.

“We found that the documents that have guided us in the past are not as explicit as they need to be, especially in light of the shifting programs of some chiropractic institutions,” says Palmer Chancellor Dennis Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D. “The input from faculty, alumni and others quickly pointed out opportunities for us to improve and evolve those guiding documents to more effectively express our chiropractic identity.”

“Each generation of the Palmer family has contributed to the advancement of the profession,” says Ms. Palmer. “It’s an honor to continue that tradition through this identity project.”

For example, the committee has developed a new document that, for the first time, lists the College’s Values. Another new document, the Practice Paradigm, defines the scope of practice of a Palmer chiropractor and incorporates the content of the Palmer Tenets.

“The Practice Paradigm blends the Palmer Tenets with other key survey findings and provides greater clarity about what we do as chiropractors and what our position is within the healthcare arena,” adds Dr. Marchiori. The refinement, development and implementation of these foundational documents are also intended to reinforce Palmer’s brand as The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education.

As Palmer Insights went to press, the committee was concluding a final document testing with groups of alumni, patients, faculty, staff and student leaders. After reviewing the feedback from those test sessions, the Identity Committee will present a final recommendation to the Board of Trustees at its June 2012 meeting for approval.

Once approved, the College will begin integrating these identity documents into student and patient recruitment efforts, and initiate a plan for sharing them with employees, alumni and students.

Look for more information about this important project in the next issue of Palmer Insights, upcoming issues of Palmer Highlights or visit

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