Palmer alumni are keeping elite athletes at the top of their game

Palmer alumni are keeping elite athletes at the top of their game

Spring 2012

Davenport Campus

My chiropractic story: Stanley Bolton, D.C.

Three generations of Boltons at “Bolton Place” in Yerrinbool, New South Wales, Australia, all of whom became chiropractors (11 in all at this gathering).
Bolton family members on lawn

When Stanley Bolton, D.C., Davenport ’48, was four years old, he contracted poliomyelitis (then called “infantile paralysis”) and suffered from a high temperature, vomiting, hallucinations and the inability to walk. Doctor after doctor was brought in to treat him and nurses were hired to be with him night and day. His parents, Stanley W. and Mariette G. Bolton, were frightened that their son would die, or at the very least be physically impaired for the rest of his life.

“At that point, my father recalled that as a young lad in Canada he had suffered from kidney stones, which the local chiropractor—a Palmer graduate—had successfully treated,” says Dr. Bolton. “They telegraphed the Palmer School, seeking the name of a nearby chiropractor. Dr. Calabrese in Strathroy, Ontario, was the name suggested.”

After three days of spinal adjustments, young Stanley’s temperature began to fall. A few days later, he took a few faltering steps and what seemed like a miracle cure began.

“That event led my parents to pack up the family, move from Detroit to Davenport, Iowa, and become chiropractors,” adds Dr. Bolton, whose father was a Fuller Brush salesman at the time.

Their three children were told, in no uncertain terms, that their education was not complete until they, too, studied chiropractic. Inevitably they met and married chiropractors, and the generations expanded with both chiropractic insights and knowledge.

“At one time there were some 23 qualified chiropractors in our immediate families. I’m now retired at 82 and have lived in Australia most of that time. Countless numbers of ordinary people, particularly ‘Down Under,’ have benefited from the wonders of chiropractic.”

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