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Fall 2012

Palmer College

Grant renewed for ‘Expanding Evidence-based Clinical Practice and Research’

Faculty members like Assistant Professor Lia Nightingale, Ph.D., are teaching EBCP
Dr. Nightingale lecturing

In the midst of Homecoming on Palmer’s Davenport Campus, Cynthia Long, Ph.D., director of research, received exciting news from the National Institutes of Health.The official notification for the R25 grant award for “Expanding Evidence- based Clinical Practice (EBCP) and Research Across Palmer College of Chiropractic” had been renewed for four more years with an award of $876,821.

Outcomes of the first four years of this grant have proven successful. “We have faculty on all three campuses who have been trained through various workshops and other activities to bring EBCP into the classroom and clinic,” says Dr. Long, who is the principal investigator for the grant. Palmer will continue to send select faculty from all campuses to attend EBCP training at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, as well as train even more faculty members at an EBCP workshop held on the University of Iowa campus. While the first four years of the grant helped faculty put EBCP principles and practice into the Doctor of Chiropractic curriculum on the Davenport Campus, the second four years will go further by supporting integration of EBCP within the curriculum and on all of Palmer’s campuses. Ultimately this will better prepare graduates to practice in a modern health care environment. Christine Goertz, D.C., Ph.D., vice chancellor for research and health policy, adds, “We hope to see adoption of EBCP attitudes, knowledge and skills by Palmer graduates who are effectively practicing evidence-based clinical decision-making in an environment that increasingly demands interdisciplinary cooperation and an emphasis on patient outcomes.”

“The College focused on a train-the-trainer strategy with our faculty and this has worked well for us,” explains Dr. Long. Faculty who have taken an initiative in expanding EBCP across Palmer will continue to grow this idea and expand it over the next four years. Robert Percuoco, D.C., vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, adds, “The faculty has gone beyond simply satisfying the requirements of a grant, to preparing students to negotiate the next wave of the health care revolution.”

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