Chiropractic Identity

Chiropractic Identity

Defining who we are for health care
Fall 2012

Davenport Campus

Giving back by paying it forward

Drs. Skip and Julie Wyss
Drs. Skip and Julie Wyss

Skip Wyss, D.C. (Davenport ‘08), is Palmer Proud. As a student, he was a Campus Guide, and he started attending prospective student dinner events off campus with Admissions Representative Ellen Bassler when he was in 5th trimester. He attended his first Palmer Homecoming when he was 18 years old and even started recruiting for the College before he became a student.

When he met his future wife, Julie (Davenport ’08), in undergraduate school, she had been set on attending another college. He told her Palmer was the only place to go to become a chiropractor. After he brought her with him to see the campus, she discovered on her own that it was “the best school in the world” and decided on Palmer.

“I got involved with Admissions because I loved talking to people about our amazing profession and why Palmer is heads above the rest,” says Dr. Wyss. “I am still involved because I feel that it is the greatest way to give back to Palmer. The best thing an alumnus can do for the school is to funnel students back into the school. It has always been known that strength in numbers is the best way to get a point across; and it just goes without saying that if they attend the best college in the world, it will strengthen the profession even more.”

Dr. Wyss believes that Palmer “is the brain/central nervous system for all chiropractic schools and the profession. Every other college is the PNS and branches off of whatever Palmer does,” he says. He encourages his fellow alumni to stay connected and give back to the College in the “greatest way”—by recruiting students.

“Palmer is the best school out there,” he says. “Take pride in the school you graduated from and own it, love it, and breathe it. I absolutely love this College and am so proud to say that I received my education from Palmer.”

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