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Chiropractic Identity

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Fall 2012

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Standard Process: A staunch supporter of the chiropractic profession and employee wellness

Mr. Charlie DuBois has served as president of Standard Process Inc. in Palmyra, Wis., since 1995. Prior to that he was executive vice president and vice president of engineering. His company is incredibly supportive of the chiropractic profession, including Palmer College, and has developed a comprehensive employee-wellness program that includes several full-time chiropractors.
Charlie DuBois

Chiropractic has been very good to me and my family. Regular weekly visits to our chiropractor keep us healthy and focused on our well-being. And for many decades chiropractic has been good to Standard Process Inc.

One of my goals at Standard Process is to encourage the next generation of healthcare professionals to study the vital role that whole food nutrition plays in achieving and maintaining health and wellness. I am dedicated to supporting students in their quest to learn about whole food nutrition. So when the opportunity came to support Palmer’s Florida Campus, I jumped at it. The Florida Campus has seen extraordinary success in 10 short years, and more space to support the students was needed.

It was an honor to provide the lead gift to the Student-Centered Campaign to raise funds and create the Standard Process Student Center. This new facility is the place for students to relax, eat, and of course study. Along with the Dr. Royal Lee Courtyard, the Standard Process Student Center enhances the student experience and offers the opportunity to learn about whole food nutrition.

I have seen the value of the chiropractic profession, personally and professionally, and am pleased to provide financial support to ensure future chiropractors receive a quality education. I believe chiropractic care is a key solution to growing health care concerns.

When I saw the burden of health care costs affecting Standard Process, I made it a goal to create a comprehensive health and wellness program focused on prevention. Built on the foundation of chiropractic care, the Standard Process health and wellness program addresses the emotional, nutritional, educational and fitness needs of the company’s over 300 employees. In addition to free chiropractic care and nutritional support, employees have access to: health screenings and physicals, a 24-hour fitness center, walking and stretching programs, smoking cessation classes, weight loss education, custom orthotics, massage therapy, ergonomic consults, and rehab exercise programs. As a result of these efforts, Standard Process’ program is a recognized, premier wellness model for mid-size companies.

Bryan Muth, D.C. (Florida ’08) is one of three chiropractors on staff at Standard Process to care for employees.
Dr. Bryan Muth adjusting patient

A recent health culture survey at Standard Process showed that employees voted chiropractic care as the most valued employee benefit. To facilitate the more than 7,100 chiropractic visits last year, Standard Process has three chiropractors on staff, including Palmer graduate Dr. Bryan Muth (Florida ‘08). The chiropractors provide adjustments, return-to-work therapy, nutritional consults, ergonomic and educational programs. Regular chiropractic visits help them monitor the workforce to ensure capacity to fulfill work duties. This year, the chiropractic benefit was extended to employee spouses.

For the last eight years, the Standard Process health and wellness program has been internally tracked, and data confirms chiropractic is good for the employees. Reduction of risk factors (including triglycerides, blood glucose and body mass index), improved absenteeism, decreased workers compensation and disability claims, better educated, and happier, healthier employees who feel valued by the company are some of the program’s positive outcomes. Financially, the data shows that employees who actively participate in the chiropractic-centered wellness program cost 55 percent less in health care claims than employees who do not. And medical costs for major diagnostic groups (musculoskeletal, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, etc.) are as much as 400 percent below peer benchmarks.

For me, this proves that the chiropractic doctor is positioned to be the primary health care provider for corporate wellness in America.

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