Chiropractic Identity

Chiropractic Identity

Defining who we are for health care
Fall 2012

West Campus

Strong alumni presence at Homecoming 2012

Alumni at the Friends of Palmer event discussed branding and identity issues.
Alumni discussing around table

West Campus Homecoming 2012 marked the May debut of what had been an October event, triggering a spring in attendance with more than 350 guests, nearly a third of whom were D.C.s. In addition to the seminar-attending doctors, West Homecoming 2012 saw great participation by West Campus alumni in other events that were part of the three-day program.

West alumni Steven Capobianco, D.C. (’03), Ed Cremata, D.C. (’81), Anthony Lisi, D.C. (’07), West Campus President Bill Meeker, D.C., M.P.H. (’82), and Wayne Whalen, D.C. (’86), were among the nearly two dozen speakers featured in the expanded three-day, multi-track relicensure program.

Dr. Whalen joined fellow West alumni David Paris, D.C. (’01), and Brant Pedersen, D.C. (’04), as members of an alumni panel that addressed nearly three-dozen prospective students at a special recruitment event hosted by the West Campus Admissions Office in conjunction with Homecoming.

Members of the Class of ’87 celebrated their 25-year reunion during dinner at J. Lohr Winery in San Jose. The event was hosted by Mickey Burt, D.C. (Davenport ’73), Palmer’s executive director for Alumni; Mr. Robert Lee, vice chancellor for Advancement Services; and Thomas Milus, D.C. (Davenport ’82), West Campus faculty member and alumni representative.

West ’87 reunion-year attendees included Drs. Rick Chaeff, Fred Cochran, Wayne Coleman, Robert Dubro, Richard Gringeri, Dianne Jurgensen, Rick Justin, Eva Malek, John Moore and Dennis Rhatigan. Other Palmer alumni guests included: Pauline Anderson, D.C. (West, ’90), Rita Gurs, D.C. (West ’91), Ellen Hoffman, D.C. (West ’86), Dr. Meeker and Peggy Sherman, D.C. (Davenport ’82).

Dr. Meeker hosted a special meeting with local Palmer alumni prior to the Saturday night festival, which saw participation by nearly 50 doctors. Attending doctors participated in small-group exercises before reconvening to share their thoughts on defining chiropractic’s place in the national health care movement and Palmer’s leadership role in advancing the chiropractic profession.

“It was great to see this year’s West Homecoming have such a strong alumni dynamic from start to finish,” says Dr. Meeker. “In particular, I’d like to thank our local alumni for their much-appreciated participation in what was an energetic discussion on a wide variety of branding and identity issues. It was an inspiring example of the pride they share as Palmer alumni, as well as their dedication and commitment to helping advance the profession and solidify chiropractic’s position as a leader in the health and wellness movement.”

Palmer graduates (from any of the three campuses) in the western United States who are interested in attending similar alumni meetings may contact Dr. Meeker through the West Campus President’s Office: (408) 944-6005, or (866) 303-7939. You may also contact Dr. Meeker via Lisa Davis in the President’s Office: For additional information on alumni activities and practice-related resources, visit the Palmer website:

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