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Fall 2012

West Campus

Recruitment events help spur enrollment

The West Campus recently hosted two well-attended student recruitment events that served as additional examples of positive enrollment trends.

Prospective students from nearly a dozen U.S. states and three Canadian provinces attended a special career information program held in conjunction with the West Campus 2012 Homecoming in May. More than half of them had already submitted applications to attend the West Campus in advance of the event.

The campus’ biggest recruitment event, the two-day summertime program aptly titled “Palmerpalooza,” brought prospective students from 13 U.S. states and three Canadian provinces to San Jose in July. They attended Palmerpalooza’s informative presentations, interactive classroom sessions and various social activities, and had an opportunity to meet with West Campus administrators, faculty, staff, students and alumni. By the end of the day, more than twothirds of all attending prospective students had formally applied.

One of the highlights of each prospective student event was the panel session featuring West Campus alumni. David Paris, D.C. (’01), Brant Pedersen, D.C. (’04), and Wayne Whalen, D.C. (’86), provided practice perspectives as panel members for the Homecoming PSE. Dr. Paris, one of Palmer’s many alumni providing care in the VA system, joined fellow West graduates Kyle Knox, D.C. (’10), and Sherry McAllister, D.C. (’96), to form the alumni panel at this year’s Palmerpalooza.

“When we have participation by talented faculty who deliver the academic and clinical components of our program, and also include practice perspectives by our outstanding alumni, the net outcome of the team effort demonstrates to prospective students how Palmer has earned its rightful place as The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education,” says Julie Behn, director of West Campus enrollment.

“The 2012 Palmerpalooza was a huge success on so many levels,” says Dr. Bill Meeker, West Campus president. “Kudos to Julie Behn and her Admissions staff for all their hard work, year-round, and, in particular, with the planning and preparation required to organize a big event like Palmerpalooza—all the while maintaining the day-today duties. I’m also greatly appreciative of our alumni for giving up weekend time to come in and speak to prospective students.”

The next major West Campus prospective student event will take place during Homecoming 2013, the weekend of May 3-5 ( Alumni who are interested in speaking at prospective student events, or would like to take a more active role in student recruitment on a local level, should contact Ms. Behn at or (866) 303-7939.

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