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Chiropractic Identity

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Fall 2012

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Davenport Campus


Dr. Max Grupp, ’65, Feasterville, Pa., retired after 45 years of practice and moved to Cape May, N.J. Phone: (609) 884-1793.

Dr. Larry Thomas, ’65, Mt. Pleasant, Pa., retired from practice after more than 45 years on Aug. 1, 2011. Phone: (724) 547-9905.

Dr. Nancy Marlow, ’67, St. Charles, Mo., may be contacted at:


Dr. George Phillips, ’72, Casper, Wyo., recently celebrated 40 years in practice in Casper, Wyo. Phone: (307) 237-3489.

Dr. Michael Shreeve, ’74, was appointed by Florida Governor Rick Scott to the state Board of Chiropractic Medicine for a term that began in July 2012 and ends Oct. 31, 2014. Dr. Shreeve is a professor on Palmer’s Florida Campus in Port Orange.

Dr. Michael Mello, ’75, Packwood, Wash., has retired from practice. Dr. Mello and his wife have been married for 41 years, they have two children, eight grandchildren and one great-grandson. Phone: (360) 496-0514, e-mail:

Dr. John Stump, ’76, Fairhope, Ala., is excited to announce the birth of his first grandson, Dalton, in April 2011. Phone: (251) 990-8188, e-mail:

Dr. Carmel-Ann Mania, ’78, Bergenfield, N.J., co-authored and published her first book, “Being Well Within: From Distressed to De-Stressed,” in December 2011. A sample chapter of the book can be viewed at E-mail:

Dr. Stephen Press, ’78, Englewood, N.J., received a letter from United Airlines expressing their thanks for his interceding in an onboard medical emergency en route from Newark Liberty International Airport to Phoenix, Ariz., on July 19. Dr. Press assisted a fellow traveler having difficulty breathing.


Dr. John Neill, ’82, Montgomery, Ariz., is excited to announce the birth of his first grandson on April 13, 2011. Phone: (334) 264-4800, e-mail:

Dr. Ira Shapiro, ’83, Old Bridge, N.J., was elected as a Fellow of the International College of Chiropractors (FICC) at a recent meeting of the ACA Council on Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness.

Dr. John Conley, ’84, Rumford, R.I., received the Carnegie Medal for “Extraordinary Heroism” for his actions to save the life of an 86-year-old woman who drove her car into the water at his marina. The car sank 12 feet, and Dr. Conley dove down to it three times, breaking a window and pulling the woman to safety. He also received an award from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

Dr. Gregg Hoogeveen, ’84, recently built a new 7,000 ft. chiropractic wellness center in Bellevue, Neb. Phone: (402) 291-2580, e-mail: hoogie2548@

Dr. William L. Krieger, ’84, has helped form a new company to bring advances in custom fitting techniques to workplace seating and posture support. The company, Innovative Seating Solutions, LLC, has created a line of custom chairs and back orthotics that utilize actual molds of a customer’s seat and back, incorporating those forms directly into the chair or orthotic.

Dr. Tom Potisk, ’84, and his book, “Whole Health Healing: The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages” were recently featured live on CBS in Los Angeles. Phone: (262) 835-1767, e-mail:

Dr. Nancy Rhodes, ’84, McClure, Pa., was widowed as her husband of almost 32 years, Dennis, was killed in a motorcycle accident on April 14, 2012. E-mail:

Dr. Bruce Crabtree, ’85, moved to a new office in 2009 to 2559 37th Ave., Columbus, NE 68601. Dr. Crabtree helped legalize animal chiropractic in Nebraska in 2010. Phone: (402) 564-7514, e-mail:

Dr. Paul Ellenbecker

Dr. Paul Ellenbecker, ’85, Minot, N.D., was awarded Chiropractor of the Year at the 100th anniversary of the North Dakota Chiropractic Association annual convention on April 28, 2012. Dr. Ellenbecker was honored for his years of service to the North Dakota Chiropractic Association, where he completed his service as secretary treasurer, a position he has held since 2006. Dr. Ellenbecker served on the North Dakota Chiropractic Association board of directors from 1991 to 2003, where he served as president from 1991-2001. Phone: (701) 838-1987, e-mail:

Dr. Phillip Maxwell, ’86, Decatur, Ala., took office as the 1st Vice President of the Alabama State Chiropractic Association in June 2012. Phone: (256) 350-1166, e-mail:

Dr. Holly Fink, ’88, moved her office, Fink Chiropractic Clinic, to 230 S. High School Ave., Columbia, Miss. Phone: (601) 736-5031, e-mail:

Dr. Carlo Guadagno, ’88, Miami, Fla., was recently appointed as a Clinical Science Instructor for National University of the Health Sciences. Phone: (727) 803-6125, e-mail: drguadagno@

Dr. Sherri LaShomb, ’88, Lewiston, N.Y., is the head athletic trainer and chiropractor for the Buffalo Bandits men’s professional lacrosse team. She is also the team chiropractor for the athletes at Niagara University in New York. Dr. LaShomb was elected 1st VP of the ACASC in 2009. Phone: (716) 754-7400, e-mail:


Dr. Michael A. Chiaffitelli, ’91, moved his office, Total Health Care Clinic, to 10001 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 170, Oklahoma City, Okla. Phone: (405) 681-2273, e-mail:

Dr. Lene Fich, ’91, recently moved to Denmark and is practicing at Hoejbjergklinikken, Oddervej 91, 8270 Hoejbjerg. Phone: +45 8618 0086, e-mail:

Dr. Maihwa Tjoa-Rahier, ’91, closed her practice in 2011 to relocate to Anchor Point, Alaska.

Dr. Daniel Halden, ’92, Pittsburgh, Pa., graduated from Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic in Feb. 2012, and was certified by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association. In conjunction with two veterinarians, Dr. Halden sees animals three days a week in addition to his human practice. Phone: (412) 731-9441, e-mail:

Dr. Heather Dehn, ’94, Sacramento, Calif., has been appointed to the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Dr. Dehn has been owner of Dehn Chiropractic since 1995. E-mail:

Dr. Rodney Thompson, ’94, was recently elected as Chair of the Council on Chiropractic Education Canada (CCEC). E-mail:

Dr. Mark Huck, ’96, has a new practice location at 7100 Funcenter Way #120, Tukwila, WA, 98188. Phone: (425) 251-3101, e-mail: drmarkhuck@

Dr. Kelly Rousch, ’96, Gallipolis, Ohio, published the book “Sports Concussion and Neck Trauma” and has been teaching seminars across the nation. Dr. Rousch testified on the concussion bill before the House of Representatives and was recently honored by the House of Representatives for her testimony and public education on the topic of concussion. Dr. Rousch has been interviewed by more than 100 radio stations and has written numerous magazine and newspaper articles. Phone: (740) 446-5534, e-mail:

Drs. Dan Weinert, ’96, and his wife, Neleigh Weinert, ’07, had a daughter, Haydn Penn, on March 29, 2012. Phone: (563) 884-5761, e-mail:

Drs. Jana, ’97, and Jeffrey Rub, ’97, Norfolk , Neb., became grandparents to Jude Alan Boling, on Sept. 18, 2011. Jude was born more than three months premature. Phone: (402) 844-3200, e-mail:

Dr. Stephen Jobe, ’98, has been appointed Chair of the Board of Directors for Chiropractic Care of Minnesota, Inc. (ChiroCare) in Shoreview Minn. E-mail:


Dr. Scott Hansing, ’01, Helena, Mont., received the Chiropractor of the Year award through the Montana Chiropractic Association. Phone: (406) 449-0814, E-mail:

Drs. Sara, ’02, and Randall Farrant, ’02, reside in New Zealand with their three children. They have a new e-mail address:

Dr. Alicia Farrell, ’03, and Mr. Jim Barton, had a son, Eryx William, on Jan. 3, 2012. Phone: (251) 948-2225, e-mail:

Dr. Franklin P. Hughes, ’03, Waynesburg, Pa., has achieved Breakthrough Coaching’s “Elite” designation. He and his wife, Sarah, enjoy their five-year-old daughter, Hannah.

Dr. Bolden Harris, ’04, Round Rock, Texas, married Emily Robinson on Aug. 6, 2011. Dr. Harris and his wife had a son, Woodrow Bolden Harris IV, on May 30, 2012. Phone: (512) 345-9355, e-mail:

Dr. Kelly Lange, ’04, Ashland, Ore., and Mr. Whit Brake had a daughter, Maggie Keifer Brake, on March 29, 2012. Phone: (541) 482-3492, E-mail:

Dr. Trent Maly, ’04, and his wife, Tiffany, Lincoln, Neb., have three boys, Kane age 7, Malachi age 4 and Elijah age 1. Phone: (402) 483-6633, e-mail:

Dr. Josef Scott, ’04, was married in Sept. 2011. He is the owner of Belfair Chiropractic Center located at 131 NE Roy Boad Road, Suite A, Belfair, WA 98528. Phone: (360) 275-4411, e-mail: drscott@

Dr. Janna (Groene) Rector, ’05, Schuyler, Nev., was married to Timothy Rector in Sept. 2010. Phone: (402) 352-3399, e-mail:

Dr. Melanie Cook, ’06, Fairborn, Ohio, had a son, Ashton Timothy, on May 18, 2012. Phone: (937) 429-4445, e-mail:

Dr. Brandi (Neff) Hickman, ’o6, Fairborn, Ohio, and her husband, Justin Hickman, had a son, Chase Isaac, on Jan. 18, 2012. Phone: (937) 879-4262, e-mail:

Dr. Brad Hunter

Dr. Brad Hunter, ’07, Oshkosh, Wis., was honored in April 2012 as one of Oshkosh’s Four Under 40 emerging business leaders. The annual award from the Oshkosh Northwesters spotlights young professionals who demonstrate leadership in their profession and are actively involved in the community. Phone: (920) 233-2828, e-mail:

Dr. Jonathan Lazar, ’08, Ann Arbor, Mich., hosts “Your Weekly Checkup” radio call-in program. He also has written a book titled “Live Life Well: Unlocking the Secrets to Living Your Best Life” with G.T. Roberts. Phone: (734) 274-5107, e-mail: drlazar@lazarspinalcare. com.

Dr. John R. Rasmussen, ’11, Yakima, Wash., has joined his father, Dr. John W. Rasmussen, ’81, and grandfather, Dr. John E. Rasmussen, ’69, in practice. Dr. Rasmussen also has a great, greatuncle, Dr. D.M. Johnson, ’21, making him a fourthgeneration chiropractor. Phone: (509) 965-3678, e-mail:

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