Companies are making space for on-site chiropractors

Companies are making space for on-site chiropractors

Spring 2013

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Palmer hosts international students from Jungwon University and Western Iowa Tech

Jungwon University and WITCC students were all smiles during their visit.
Twelve students together

The sounds of many languages resound through Palmer's Davenport Campus on most days, thanks to the campus' international student population. But in late January those languages were more evident. Ten students from South Korea and two from Egypt were visiting Palmer along with officials from Jungwon University, Chungbuk, South Korea, and Western Iowa Tech Community College (WITCC), Sioux City, Iowa, where they are currently studying.

"Our international population is an important part of bringing a diverse culture to campus and chiropractic to the world," says Anthony Schumacher, Davenport Campus international admissions representative.

The group's journey to Palmer began several years ago, when Terry Yi, D.C., who grew up in Sioux City, Iowa, started a sports medicine program incorporating chiropractic at Jungwon University in South Korea. "I want chiropractic to flourish in Korea and other Asian countries," Dr. Yi says. "This is one of the biggest markets for chiropractic, but the problem is that Asia doesn't know much about chiropractic. This is my passion and somebody has to do it. We need more chiropractors in Asia."

Dr. Yi began a process to help more students at Jungwon University become chiropractors. "Some of my students were really focused on a career in chiropractic, and I wanted to bring them to Palmer," he says. But before they could matriculate at Palmer, they needed to improve their English. Dr. Yi partnered with officials at Western Iowa Tech Community College in Sioux City to bring the Jungwon students to Iowa to study English at WITCC, with the goal of eventually enrolling at Palmer College's Davenport Campus. In addition to improving English language skills, some of the students finish their prerequisites at WITCC, while some are ready to start at Palmer. In January 2012, Dr. Yi brought a group of 10 students to Palmer, and several of them have already enrolled.

This unlikely partnership between the three colleges has evolved, and on January 25, 2013, Dr. Yi, along with two officials from WITCC, brought 10 Korean students originally from Jungwon who are studying at WITCC, along with two Egyptian students from WITCC, to spend the day on the Davenport Campus.

In addition to participating in a full campus visit, the WITCC officials signed an articulation agreement with Palmer to help WITCC students more easily transfer to Palmer's Bachelor of Science in general science program, which is earned in conjunction with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. "We believe that a student can start their education at WITCC no matter their intended educational goal," says WITCC's Division Chair of Arts and Sciences Darin Moeller. "Articulation agreements are key for us in developing educational pathways for students so they can see a clear academic plan that meets their goals."

Added Palmer's Articulation Coordinator Sandy Miller: "Building relationships with quality institutions like Jungwon University and Western Iowa Tech will benefit students in meeting their educational goals as well as enhance the leadership we enjoy today. The curriculum agreement provides advisors and educators with the tools to assist a student in meeting their goal of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic."

While at Palmer, the group from Sioux City participated in a Korean-language campus tour and enjoyed lunch with members of the college's Korean Club. They also heard from Palmer administrators, faculty members and Admissions Department staff members. "I learned a great deal about the history of chiropractic and Palmer's primary role in the profession's development," Mr. Moeller adds. "It's a top-notch institution with outstanding facilities and staff."

Their visit to Palmer made an impression on the students as well. One has already enrolled and will begin classes in November 2013, and several others are completing their prerequisites at WITCC with the intention of enrolling at Palmer as soon as they are finished.

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