Companies are making space for on-site chiropractors

Companies are making space for on-site chiropractors

Spring 2013

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Alumni Profile: Naa Asheley Ashietey, D.C.

Dr. Ashietey is a 2011 graduate from Palmer’s Davenport Campus who is currently practicing in Tema, Ghana.

Dr. Naa Ashietey
Dr. Naa Ashietey adjusting patient

Are you originally from Ghana?

Yes, I was born and raised in Ghana. I lived there until I was 19 years old, then I moved to Canada for my undergraduate studies.

What has your experience been like at The Spinal Clinic?

It has been wonderful. I have been at The Spinal Clinic for almost one year now. As a chiropractor, I must say that it has been my best year so far. I had been away from Ghana for almost 10 years, so it has been great reconnecting with family and friends again. The patients are great, they are very open to this new (for them) form of health care in Ghana; considering it is still very new and there are only about 15 or so chiropractors in Ghana currently serving a population of about 24 million. My favorite thing to do since I've been here at The Spinal Clinic is to communicate chiropractic in our local languages since I speak three of them fluently.

You also are president of the West African Chiropractic Association, which is a relatively new organization. Can you tell me about it and its mission?

WACA was started officially in April 2012, just about when I moved back home to Ghana from the U.S. Considering that I had just moved and there were 10 other chiropractors who had been here so much longer than I had, I still don't know why and how I won that election. So, yes, I am the president of WACA, currently. This one-year-old organization was formed to first unite the chiropractors in Ghana so that with a stronger force we can work on getting a separate and distinct legislation for chiropractic in Ghana. Secondly, it was formed so that together we can create more awareness for what we do within our communities. Our mission statement is "to be the bold, unified voice representing the interest and growth of the chiropractic profession and the people it serves."

What initially led you to become a chiropractor? And why did you choose Palmer?

When I was in my third year of college in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I suffered a strange bout of low back pain, which was quite severe. After taking all the pain killers and all that stuff, I started having some physiotherapy. That gave me some slight relief, very temporarily. Eventually the physiotherapist referred me to go see a chiropractor, who happened to be her sister. So I did that, and within two weeks of NUCCA adjustments, the low back pain vanished. I then started to inquire from this wonderful chiropractor what in the world she was doing with my neck that had such a tremendous effect in my lower back. She was very patient and explained everything to me. My interest was sparked right there and then, and since she went to Palmer herself, too ... you know how the story ends. She encouraged me to go to chiropractic school and, of course, made sure that I sent an application only to Palmer and the rest is history.

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