Companies are making space for on-site chiropractors

Companies are making space for on-site chiropractors

Spring 2013

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Dr. Bunce helps build chiropractic’s capacity

Dr. Bunce

Adam Bunce, D.C. (Florida '05), Lexington, S.C., doesn't treat patients every day. Instead, he spends his time building the capacity of chiropractic practices and enhancing the skills and abilities of the doctors within those practices.

"Once a new clinic has opened in the area, I handle all support and coaching for the doctor, teaching them how to handle patients in the office from Day 1 as a new patient, setting up the office properly, billing and coding, office flow, paperwork questions, etc.," says Dr. Bunce. "As a coach, I coach the doctors in handling more of the mental aspect of seeing patients, running a practice, and life in general. Basically, I help doctors improve their communication with their patients by teaching them how to do a better job explaining the 'why' behind 'what' they are recommending for care. When more doctors do a better job explaining the 'why behind the what,' more patients get it. When more patients get it, they follow through better with their care and, in turn, get better results."

Dr. Bunce also helps carry chiropractic's message beyond the treatment setting. For several years he has worked closely with the South Carolina Chiropractic Association (for whom he currently is secretary/treasurer) and their director, Nicki Davis, to establish a state proclamation proclaiming October as Spinal Health Month each year. "We've been doing this for a long time," adds Dr. Bunce, "at least since the 1980s under former Governor Carroll Campbell. Each Governor is different, and slight changes may be made each year, but overall, South Carolina is very supportive of the proclamation."

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