Chiropractic around the world - Palmer Alumni are making a difference

Chiropractic around the world - Palmer Alumni are making a difference

Fall/Winter 2013

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Chancellor speaks out on chiropractic issues

As the chancellor of Palmer College of Chiropractic, the trusted leader in chiropractic education, Dr. Dennis Marchiori has put action behind the Palmer tagline by responding to national media coverage of chiropractic as well as a chiropractic scope of practice issue in Washington state.

In late July, NBC News and National Public Radio (NPR), along with other national media outlets, covered the results of a July 29 JAMA Internal Medicine article on how medical doctors weren’t following established protocols for treating back pain. Although the coverage was generally favorable to conservative approaches to managing back pain, it didn’t refer to chiropractic specifically.

To address this imbalance in coverage in national news media, Dr. Marchiori sent a letter to NBC and NPR, citing chiropractic’s effectiveness in treating back pain—backed by federally funded research studies including those conducted by the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research. He also pointed out the complexity of treating the epidemic of back pain in the U.S. and how chiropractors are committed to being part of the solution through an evidence-based clinical practice approach to treatment.

In August, Chancellor Marchiori weighed in on the chiropractic scope of practice legislative battle in Washington state regarding chiropractors being allowed to conduct pre-performance physical exams on athletes as well as Department of Transportation “Fit for Duty” physical exams. Dr. Marchiori supported the efforts of chiropractic colleagues in the Washington State Chiropractic Association and the Association of Chiropractic Colleges to correct misinformation about the standards and curriculum for the Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He citied the thorough education that chiropractors, and Palmer College students in particular, receive, and their experience in performing these exams in the clinic setting.

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