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Faculty start NMS I podcast

Davenport Campus faculty members Michael VanNatta, D.C., Michael Tunning, D.C., and Thomas Brozovich, D.C., have developed a podcast for their Neuromulculoskeletal (NMS) Diagnosis I course.

“We were looking for new avenues with technology to reach the students and enhance their learning,” Dr. VanNatta says.

Adds Dr. Tunning: “We’ve been in the process of updating the NMS curriculum to remain consistent with the best evidence available for diagnostic procedures. One way of disseminating this information, besides use in the classroom, is in other media forms. This makes the information available to students in anatomy classes in the first trimester who would also like to learn function and create connections to future learning.”

“The students love it,” Dr. Brozovich says. “We’ve also had multiple alumni call and comment that they really like being able to review some of the subject matter.”

The goal of the podcasts is for the faculty to provide supplements to their current lectures and lab presentations. Anyone interested can access the podcasts on iTunes by searching for “Palmer NMS podcast.”

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