Chiropractic around the world - Palmer Alumni are making a difference

Chiropractic around the world - Palmer Alumni are making a difference

Fall/Winter 2013

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Dr. Marchiori publishes 3rd edition of textbook

cover of Clinical Imaging textbook

Continuing his interest in scholarly work, Chancellor Dr. Dennis Marchiori has written the third edition of his popular textbook, “Clinical Imaging with Skeletal, Chest & Abdominal Pattern Differentials,” published by Elsevier.

The third edition continues to cover both skeletal and soft-tissue imaging using a pattern approach to recognizing abnormalities and developing diagnostic possibilities— qualities that distinguish it from other imaging texts. In this edition, 800 of the 3,500 images are new or updated, and there are new, updated test questions for instructors covering all 33 chapters.

Among the many valued contributors to the book, Dr. Marchiori would like to recognize his collaborators from Palmer, including: Linda Carlson, M.S., R.T., coordinator of Radiography Instruction, Davenport Campus; Dana Lawrence, D.C., M.Med.Ed., senior director for the Center for Teaching & Learning; Tracey Littrell, D.C., DACBR, associate professor, Davenport Campus; Ian McLean, D.C., DACBR, professor and director of Clinical Radiology, Davenport Campus; Tunde Olatunji, D.C., senior radiology resident, Davenport Campus; Robert Percuoco, D.C., professor and vice chancellor for Academics; and Matthew Richardson, D.C., DACBR, director of Clinical Radiology, Florida Campus. Dr. Marchiori notes that Dr. Lawrence took on a large editorial role for the project and, in addition to his writing, Dr. McLean obtained and organized most of the new images for the third edition.

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