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College and alumni resolve issues

Early this year, College officials received more than $1 million in funds raised by the former Palmer College of Chiropractic International Alumni Association (PCCIAA). One of the pillars of the PCCIAA was the establishment of student scholarships, and a goal of their membership was for every student who attends Palmer College to be eligible for at least one scholarship.

This spring, Palmer's Board of Trustees approved the allocation of the PCCIAA funds to the College's endowment. This action will help fulfill the PCCIAA's goal by:

  • Adding to the 14 state-endowed scholarships that had not yet reached the $10,000 minimum needed for awarding scholarships
  • Adding $100,000 to the PCCIAA International Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Allocating the remainder of the transferred amount to the remainder of state endowed scholarship funds
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