Chiropractic around the world - Palmer Alumni are making a difference

Chiropractic around the world - Palmer Alumni are making a difference

Fall/Winter 2013

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West Campus, St. Mary’s team up for internship

Dr. Kearns (right) with the first St. Mary’s College intern from Palmer, Steven Kaiser.
Dr. Kearns next to Steven Kaiser

Palmer College's West Campus has teamed up with St. Mary's College (SMC), Moraga, Calif., to create an internship program within the Department of Athletics. It will provide students the opportunity to enhance their sports chiropractic skills under the direction of Tony Kearns, D.C., CCSP, West '07, St. Mary's director of sports medicine.

West interns who earn one of the three- or six-month rotation assignments within the SMC Manual Therapy Program, will assist Dr. Kearns with the evaluation, assessment and treatment of student athletes, and will maintain collaborative working relationships with all members of the St. Mary's sports medicine team, coaches and athletes.

"Chiropractic care may not be the answer for every condition; but when it is the appropriate treatment method, it works— and the SMC Sports Medicine staff recognize this," says Dr. Kearns, who was appointed to the St. Mary's sports medicine team in 2010.

Dr. Kearns oversees day-to-day operations of all SMC athletic training services. Soon after his appointment, he recognized the potential to create a program that would allow more SMC athletes to benefit from chiropractic care and enable West Campus interns to enhance their sports chiropractic skills. With the introduction of the new Palmer-St. Mary's internship program, Dr. Kearns is excited to see his vision come to fruition and feels it's a win-win development for both schools.

"This is not 'the future' of health care. It's already here," he says. "And since the mission of St. Mary's sports medicine is 'the best interest of the student-athlete,' we're falling in line with what has become the industry standard … adding routine access to chiropractic care."

Palmer's first participant in the program is 12Q intern Steven Kaiser. "I'm honored to have this opportunity, and I'm excited to be a part of a new program that will further enhance the students' learning experience at Palmer's West Campus," he says.

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