From football players to ballet dancers ... sports chiropractors help all kinds of athletes

From football players to ballet dancers ... sports chiropractors help all kinds of athletes

Fall/Winter 2014

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Top 7 digital-marketing musts for your practice

“I’m in the phone book, I don’t need to advertise” doesn’t cut it in today’s world. Seventy percent of people don’t use phone books.* The Web is the new phone book. Are you online? *(Harris Interactive, 2011)

Mary Frost

  1. You need a website. Seriously, you need one. “Chiropractors have to realize that a business doesn’t look legitimate unless it has a Web presence,” says Mary Frost, D.C., Davenport ’96, Philosophy & Practice Management, Davenport campus. Websites are the easiest way to inform people about your practice.
  2. Your website needs to be professional. But it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are free, easy-to-use options available (,,, or visit to learn about Web services offered by our partner, Deluxe.
  3. Create a Facebook page for your clinic. A social media presence is important for any business, but Facebook is king. A page is easy to make and keep updated. You create it through your Facebook account, but it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) visibly connect to your personal profile information. For more information, see
  4. Keep your personal life, information and opinions private. Be aware that if you blog or post on social media about personal or non-professional topics anywhere online, it can (and likely will) be connected to you. Posts with foul language or about hot topics can be seen, shared and remembered by anyone.
  5. Turn off Facebook comments. Your page should be a one-way communication method to your patients and potential patients. Turning off outside comments (under Settings) prevents damaging comments or potential HIPAA violations. People can still contact you through the page by messaging you.
  6. Manage your page. Keep it current, or you’ll lose credibility and the opportunity to reach out and promote your practice.
  7. You are your content. What you do every day—educate people about chiropractic, offer health and exercise tips, etc.—is exactly what you should share via social media. You can post clinic news, hours and days you may be closed. Don’t forget to post photos and videos!

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