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Drs. Skip and Julie Wyss: Why recruit students?

Drs. Skip and Julie Wyss

Drs. Skip and Julie Wyss have been running their pediatric practice since 2008 and recruiting students to Palmer since they opened their doors. They also advise a pre-chiropractic club at a local university and mentor students from the undergraduate program through their chiropractic education and into practice. The passion and commitment they have for the future of chiropractic, and specifically Palmer, is unparalleled.

They see many students who have little direction in their future career paths. The ones interested in a health care career usually look to physical or occupational therapy. However, those students to them are future chiropractors … they just don’t know it yet. Drs. Skip and Julie believe these young minds are looking for something other than traditional medicine to help people achieve better health, and they take helping students realize their chiropractic potential as their personal duty.

“Today’s students are the future of chiropractic. We want you to have a say in who attends Palmer and who will help strengthen the profession,” says Executive Director for Alumni Mickey Burt, D.C.

If you know a student who shows interest in chiropractic, fill out the online Prospective Student Referral form at www.palmer.edu/ps-referral. By filling out this form, we’ll be able to formally recognize and thank you for your continued support.

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