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New patients are looking for YOU!

Find a Chiropractor

Each year more than 4,000 people contact Palmer College looking for you—a Palmer chiropractor in their community. We’ve now made it easy for these patients to find you with our newly enhanced website feature, Find a D.C. 

“We have a unique situation at Palmer,” says Mickey Burt, D.C., executive director for Alumni. “We receive an average of 17.5 contacts every day from people seeking Palmer graduates. You don’t find this at the other chiropractic colleges. So we needed an accessible, current, real-time public directory.”

Find a D.C. allows patients to search a city and state to locate a chiropractor in their area. The online directory currently has listings for U.S. chiropractors but will eventually offer a database of Palmer chiropractors around the world.

“We’re asking our graduates to go to www.palmer. edu/FindDC to verify we have their correct business information. If not, they can easily make updates through the site or add themselves if they aren’t listed,” says Dr. Burt.

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